HOT Summer

(Q) The Storm Rider has a thread of interesting tweets - combined they form an excellent summary.

Cue always said to expect a HOT summer, and that August is always a HOT MONTH. Based on the intel in those three tweets, I think we will be seeing major action well before August. There is a series of dominos poised precariously. It only takes ONE...

A reminder from Major Patriot of the total corruption that is the mainstream media. It is said that the London protest rally was the biggest EVER march in UK history.

I have two personal contacts in the UK who each live about 60 miles from London. They had NO CLUE this even took place. This didn't make the "news" on the BBC.

Major Patriot again with the evil WHO and a new proclamation that will cause the jabbed sleepers to triple-mask.

Remember when they were trying to pretend like the vaccine worked for the Delta variant too? Lmao. I do.
Inspiring words from Pepe Lives Matter.

Those of us who have been awake during these last few years have received an indelible thirst for freedom that will simply not go away. Experiencing precipice after precipice does something to you. Waiting, believing, and longing for justice changes you.
There's no denying that our army of Anons have been refined in the fire and we are all the better for it.

Finally, I visited my naturopath today. He's 74, been 'awake' for 30 years so he is way ahead of his time. He shared some interesting experiences regarding jabbed patients. He requests that they not visit him until 40 days after their second jab. He said that he isn't noticing shedding - but there is a definite EMF presence (electro-magnetic frequency). He believes that most of the millions of deaths worldwide will be the elderly and immune-compromised.

We don't know what is happening regarding the jab. We can only maintain our positive stance and trust the soul contracts of our friends and loved ones.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Thank you for the news and your hard work :) I would like to share this blog with you, where I also find interesting news on a daily basis.

  2. Thank you Danko, I appreciate your lovely feedback. And thanks for the link - I will check it out!

  3. Interesting experience about shedding. Can he prove it somehow or is it just his gut feeling?

    I´m propably the only one at work who hasn´t taken the jab. As It´s not possible to maintain distance with 150 co-workers, I´ve been curious (and a bit worried, too) about shedding. I visited a Quest-9 therapist last week. Quest-9 is bioresonance therapy and it noticed some amount of spike proteins in my body. The amount was fortunately not alarming but anyway it was noticeable. It´s an interesting kind of therapy, I´m certainly going there more and hoping that it will help me to get rid of unwanted energies in my system.

    1. Yikes interesting about the spike proteins! I too have not really wanted to believe shedding is a reality esp if not contacting body fluids.. but..

    2. Omat you're not the only one not jabbed! lol I refuse and in my office at work I'm the only one out of 7 not jabbed and I'm supposed to wear the stupid mask, but pretty much refuse. I so hope the truth finally breaks in a big way, and this Chinese virus stuff goes away after the brainwashed realize it was a big 'scamdemic'!

    3. I will reply to all of you at once. My naturopath/osteo uses bio-feedback machines and is highly intuitive. He is yet to see a large number of jabbed patients - his initial response was that the EMF was noticeable but not so much the shedding. He is treating it like a research project. He fully expects most of his jabbed elderly and immune-compromised patients to be dead within three years. He is more hopeful about his younger patients. He is a Truther and follows all the intel.
      It's interesting that he has the 40 day rule about not seeing people 40 days after the second jab. He said if he experiences shedding from these people, he will stop seeing them and leave their supplement orders outside his office door for them to pick up.
      My own strategy around the jabbed is no hugging and skin contact if possible, Beyond that, we all have to live. We are around the jabbed in supermarkets etc.
      Love and Light to you all.

    4. My naturopath recommends Vits A, B,C and D as an antidote to the jab. It's easy to remember - ABCD...! :)

    5. Thanks Sierra for your response. Do you take any other supplements than vitamins?

    6. I take Vit C high dose powder every day, a multi vitamin and a magnesium tab. I swear by magnesium - I think everyone should take it.

  4. Need more insanity?


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