Incoming Red Tsunami

My friend Stephen in Aussie believes that the massive mainstream media online outages were a test - and there will be many more tests happening from now on. I agree with him. The dominoes are falling. This video explains the widespread internet outage.

It's official. Over 50% of American voters believe that the election was stolen. BOOM.

How about this for timing? The Arizona audit will be completed on President Trump's birthday on 14 June. Happy Birthday, sir! You deserve it.

Kim Runner at Anonup with a snippet from George News about the Red Tsunami. Cue referenced a Red Tsunami. Future proves the past. It will be a HOT summer.

Very Quick GEORGEnew Live YT Chat highlight...

Veronica Wolski, The Bridge Lady, has some inside intel about the four military helicopters at Capitol Hill.

I checked with a Military contact I have, and asked a few questions regarding the 4 Blackhawk Helicopters landing on the grounds of the Capital the other day....
Remaining at 'full throttle'.
I was told that No... Military aircraft do NOT do military 'exercises' on the grounds of buildings in the DC area....
I was also told that these grounds are 'protected airspace' even for Military vehicles.
With this information, I did a bit more research.
Nope, it is something 'very strange' that happened the other day...
Yep.... it sent a 'Message' throughout the World I do believe.

When I watched it, 8 million people had viewed this little video of a bystander slapping French President Macron full in the face. I don't condone violence, but...

Excellent message from Wyatt Austere Deplorable. What a great time to be alive on planet Earth.

Welcome to the elite apocalypse.
The collapse of elite rule over this planet is NOT the collapse of human's our LIBERATION.
The elites want you to think the world is ending, because THEIR world IS ending. 
And think, we're here to witness this, WOW!
Finally, thanks to Amy SG for this wonderfully uplifting message for all Light Warriors.

Remember, you ARE resilient - and you saw through all the BS while others snoozed on. Pat yourself on the back for being alert, aware and willing to dig for the TRUTH.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. "The collapse of elite rule over this planet is NOT the collapse of human's our LIBERATION...THEIR world IS ending."

    This prediction might happen. But I wonder why the lightworkers don't care for the "Tartarian Mud Flood" subject. Type these words in and learn how fake history is. An entire society experienced the apocalypse maybe in 1812.


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