Jabbed Pilots Story in MSM

...So this makes sense - British Airways and USA airlines are MANDATING that their pilots are jabbed while at the same time urging vaccinated passengers not to fly because of the danger of blood clots. 

Four BA pilots died in ONE week after they were jabbed. How much does that make you want to hop on a long-haul flight right now...??

Here is an excellent piece of REAL JOURNALISM about the airline jab situation from a reporter at the Colorado Herald - a mainstream media publication. This story, and others by this great journalist Darcy Schoening, could be safely forwarded to family and friends who only trust the MSM.

Darcy Schoening again with solid science and facts about the Jabdemic (I just made that word up!).

Hot off the press intel from my good friend, Coach Jerry. Things are heating up, Light Warriors.

'My truck company owner buddies are calling me and telling me the ports here in Los Angeles have been placed on high alert. Never before have they experienced such a thing.

They are also dazed and confused as to why. Extremely nervous about their businesses of course. The Longshoremen are not working. All trucking activity is near zero.

LA freeways, normally packed like sardines with trucks and big rigs, are clear/near empty.

How strange!  

Now the same people who once ignored me, scoffed at me and maligned me, are now looking at me for answers. Wow!' (Coach Jerry)

Major Patriot on Gab with a great summary of the current craziness.

So let me get this straight. Within 24 hours of Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani appearance in court to address Dominion Voting Systems law-suits:
- Giuliani gets his law license yanked
- A building in the same neighborhood where members of Trump family reside completely "collapses"
- John McAfee commits "suicide"
- Biden threatens F-15 airstrikes armed with Nukes against Americans who want "to take on the government"

I agree with Relentless Truth. This is definitely the right time to send family and friends the link to the superb red-pill documentary 'Out of Shadows'.

Now would be a great time to show your friends and family "Out of Shadows".

Finally, tomorrow is President Trump's FIRST rally since he temporarily vacated the White House. What a great day for weary Light Warriors. Welcome back, Mr President!

Cowboyw2b on Anonup...

Trump’s 1st rally since leaving the White House is tomorrow in Ohio.

Ohio’s state motto = With God, all things are possible


There is a lot of great intel out there right now - plenty of reasons to get excited about the coming days and weeks. Treading water, no more.

Hold the line, World Patriots. WE'VE GOT THIS.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light 



  1. Dear Sierra,

    I just love waking up and reading your wonderful news filled blog. Thursday, here in Florida the "collapse" was the big talk at the office, I tried to keep what I know to myself but since I was asked I showed the total collapse video with the light flashes along with my opinion that it looks much like a DEW, direct energy weapon, no reaction from co workers. They know I'm "different" I believe Trump will be back and much will be disclosed. Friday morning after reading many "Light Warriors" posts with the same opinion, I asked a woman at work who's husband has 30+ years with the FBI if she heard any new news .. no she said the building was old and it collapsed then told me my thinking was crazy and to go back to my imaginary friends. Wow, that stung but I am so happy to have so many wonderful imaginary friends like you who continue to bring much light amongst darkness. Oh .. and I LOVE your new work "Jabdemic" .. quite fitting. Keep shinning!
    Love you with big hugs,

    1. Hi Bonnie. Thank you for your very kind feedback. I love it that USA readers get to wake up to the posts. There is a big advantage to being a Down Under blogger.
      I completely relate to your experience of the colleague who called you crazy. I have loved ones who poke fun at me and my crazy friends. I assure you, there is nothing imaginary about me or the thousands of readers at this blog page. We are here for you, Bonnie! Much Love and Light, my friend.

  2. Muito obrigado pelas notícias que universo a abençoe

    1. Lovely to hear from you! I hope you will be at President Trump's rally today too, watching live at RSBN. Love and Light.

  3. Love your neogolism (new word) - Jabdemic! lol Trump rally tonight - Watch on RSBN.

    1. Thanks DD! I thought it was cute too. See you at the rally shortly...


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