President Trump's North Carolina Speech

I didn't set out to watch the speech - but I am so glad I did. It was riveting.

The most exciting thing about President Trump's speech - and there was a LOT that was exciting about it - was how he slipped in the words 'plus, plus, plus'. I cheered out loud. Plus, plus, plus (+++) is straight from a Cue drop. It was an unmistakable message to Anons and Light Warriors.

Here are excerpts from his wonderful speech...

'We need to stand up to Communist [C]hina. [C]hina inflicted 16 trillion dollars of damage on America through the [C]hina virus....Without our [v]accine, there would have been death numbers like in the 1918 flu...The virus originated in a [C]hinese lab, as I always said...It is time for the US to demand reparations from [C]hina. [C]hina MUST PAY.'

'We should immediately phase in 100% tariffs on [C]hina. All nations should work together to present [C]hina with a bill for 10 trillion dollars. The nations of the world should no longer owe money to [C]hina. They should cancel their debts. [C]hina should owe money to the nations of the world. They have been destroyed.'

'[B]iden and his family took millions of dollars from [C]hina...The system is broken and corrupt...[B]iden is beholden to America's enemies...I don't think [B]iden is running the show. I don't know who the hell is. If you know, let me know who the hell is running the country!'

'75 million voters - plus, plus, plus - voted for me.'

'I am not the one undermining American democracy. I am the one trying to SAVE it. Our movement is FAR from over - in fact it is just getting STARTED. We will ensure that America - NOT [C]hina - influences the future of the world.'

President Trump spoke with feeling about the heart-breaking loss of American military lives due to the 'endless wars'. You could hear a pin drop in that huge crowd as he described the anguish of the parents who greet their child's coffin as it is unloaded from the giant plane. He said these parents, perfectly composed only moments before, scream with grief at the sight of the coffin and shove through the military cordon. Mothers have been known to throw themselves onto the coffin. President Trump's moving words illustrated his strong intent for this to never happen again.

The whole purpose of President Trump's speech was straight from Cue...

'We cannot tell the people. We have to SHOW them.'

He outlined in great detail the devastating cost to USA - and the world - of [B]iden's short stint in power. President Trump compared the USA of today to how it was last year when he was in control. No one can argue with the evidence. It was painful to listen to the litany of destruction.

As usual, President Trump was in fine form. He is a superb orator with a wicked sense of humor. [F]auci and [Z]uckerberg were two people who fell victim to his rapier wit.

Welcome back, President Trump. We have missed you!

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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    1. Indeed Sylvain - you could tell by his interactions with the audience that he has missed us. Bless him!


    1. Thank you - I will check it out later today...

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