[B]iden Hints At War

Yes, Creepy Joe went there in a press conference - he hinted at war. Check out this video...

Meanwhile the jab/mask narrative looks more bizarre by the day. It now seems that the fully vaccinated are more likely to spread the 'delta variant' than the vaccinated. So why get the jab...? Duh.

Mindy Robinson on Gab with some very obvious common sense.

Mandatory mask mandates are returning to Nevada this Friday even if you’re vaccinated.
Why? Are you admitting these untested vaccines you’re shoving down everyone’s throat don’t work, or nah? And how do you know it’s the “delta” variant people are catching, when the CDC just admitted tests can’t even discern between covid and the regular flu?

Finally, some gentle humor to ease the absurdity of the times. 

Before you go outside, make sure to put on extra sunscreen so that the person next to you, who already put on lots of sunscreen, doesn’t get sunburnt. 😂

The main challenge we Light Warriors face each day is maintaining balance. Today I feel a vibrating sound/sensation in my head - and I am still tired. I am relieved that my daily schedule is not busy. I am making a point of doing less not more.

Hold the line, World Patriots. This is the part of the battle where the Alliance needs us the most.


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Love and Light



  1. I feel sorry for the actor playing Creepy Joe! He must be asking himself, "How ridiculous do I have to get before these people wake up?" Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Indeed, Jan. I think how uncomfortably hot he must be under all that latex. What a guy has to do to earn a buck these days...!

    2. If only it was all about showing dementia. It's also about sending lots of people to their premature deaths. What actor would accept doing that!! BTW. I have CFS and FM but I've been very tired lately, on top of the chronic exhaustion. It started at the beginning of June and the last few weeks I just feel like sleeping, which I don't because I want to live and have a precious beloved cat to care for. We, transmuters for the collective, have taken a LOT on ourselves for decades without much respite. Can't wait for LONG and well deserved divine vacations. Be well.

    3. Hi Sarah...Lovely to hear from you. Yes, we Light Warriors have taken a lot on ourselves, some of us for decades. I completely relate to feeling tired. That's me too. Most days I am fine but sometimes I feel as if I have run into a brick wall, overwhelmed with tiredness. Love and Light to you, and hugs.

  2. I've been getting a louder ringing in my right ear for about a week - it's loudest in the evenings, especially during full moons (not sure if that's coincidence or not). And before I go to sleep, I notice my entire body vibrating. Not hugely so - the bed hardly moves at all - but noticeable. It seems to happen even more when I do my deep breathing - again, not sure if that's just because I'm paying more attention to my body at that time or not. And I never used to nap - EVER - during the day, if I was sick. But now it seems to be a standard that I at least rest my eyes for 10-20 minutes around 2-4. Then I'm totally fine for hours. And it's not that my BODY feels tired. Even if I've done a lot of physical activity... it's like my BRAIN is tired. Does that make sense to anyone?

    1. Hi Debi . . . The Schumann Resonance (check charts on Twitter) is really HIGH today. There's a website that has a great explanation for what the charts show. I am highly sensitive and notice different symptoms starting a few days before a Full Moon. So it makes sense to me. Plus we just went into the 5th Night of the Mayan Calendar. If that interests you, I recommend the video by Ian Lungold done in White Horse, Canada. I left a message for you under the heading "For George" for an eye doctor. Take care. DD

    2. HI Deb and DD. Deb, I have been experiencing the body vibrations too. And like you, when I get to late afternoon, around 4pm I feel SO tired. I can't even say what form of tiredness it is. I don't feel physically or mentally weary. It's just like my body wants to sleep then. And that never happens. Like you, if I take a few minutes to rest then, I feel fine afterwards. Crazy times, dear friends! Love and Light to you both.

    3. I attended several classes about 25 years ago, and the speakers were scientists and contactees. They said we would be experiencing various symptoms while we ascend. What we mentioned above is part of that. Rest when you body requires it.


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