[C]hinese Defector's Explosive Info

If Dong Jingwei doesn't finish off the [C]lintons, Ghislaine Maxwell's documents will do the job. A judge has ruled they must be released - the information includes her and Epstein's financial connections to the [C]linton Foundation. BOOM.

A brilliant new Cue proof from President Trump. Don't you just love this man? He knows we Anons are watching.

Here is an interesting excerpt from James McConnell's latest channelling of One Who Serves. It discusses the [v]accine and how the Alliance has neutralized as much of the toxins as possible - but the effects of the jab still depend on the level of your vibration.


Guest: We were discussing earlier this morning about the vaccines and how some people have had serious reactions, and some have even died from the vaccines, and some don’t seem to be affected at all. We were wondering if some of the vaccines have been protected or altered by either the Galactics, or the White Hats, or the positive Military to make them inert to some people. Is that at all true? And then I have a little second piece after that.

OWS: You have to understand that it is always about vibration and consciousness. So those that vibrate at a higher rate will not be affected by these so-called vaccines, or anything that the dark forces put out there, because they are not in fear. They are not responding to the old three-dimensional playbook here, if you will. So there is no reason to think that those that are at that higher vibration will be affected by this. 

Now, can they get the virus? Certainly, yes they can. They can get the flu. They can get a cold, and things like that. But if their vibration is high, they will not get it, you see? So those that are at that higher vibration, and even if they did take this so-called vaccine, it will not have the effect that the dark ones want it to have here.

Now, is it true that the Forces of Light, the Alliance, did those things that they could to minimize the effects of this, again, so-called vaccine? Yes, they did. And they are still doing that.

Do some, though, get through and are undetected and get to those that have the lower vibration? Yes, they do. And those are the ones that we have spoken of that have their exit point planned ahead and knew that they were going to come here and be a part of the expression of consciousness that raises consciousness here in terms of the Great Awakening. So as more people realize that they are being affected by these vaccines and these types of things, then they will find that they are awakening more and more here, you see?

Finally, a meme that summarizes the futility of the sleepers to ever get on top of 'the virus'. Priceless. 


This might be the funniest thing I’ve read all day.


And that is the reaction of my double-jabbed neighbors when another country or state goes into lockdown. 'Someone hasn't done their part'. In other words, you UN-vaccinated people are spoiling it for the rest of us. It would be funny if it wasn't so bizarre.

Meanwhile, continue to keep your world light and joyful. The sun is shining here today. Frosty winter mornings are morphing into beautiful sunny days. I am piling on the gratitude. It works.

I feel for my sweltering friends in the US. We Light Warriors Down Under are thinking of you with compassion.

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Where We Go One We Go All.



  1. Thank you, and the same message I have continually received.
    Those truly living in the Light and Love of the Creator/Creation have nothing to fear.
    And those that are living in the world of darkness will continue to experience that world's harshest outcomes. Outcomes that I now know, beyond doubt, were set into motion and the "victim" volunteered to live it.
    My job is to love them anyway.

  2. That is perfect - and it is all we can do, isn't it?? 'Love them anyway'. We Light Warriors are getting BIG lessons about unconditional Love. Who would have imagined that lesson would come via such a bizarre scenario as the one currently taking place on the earth plane...??
    Hugs back to you.


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