Cue: 'These People are STUPID'

Cue is right - the [D]eep [S]tate ARE stupid. Check out this Major Patriot Gab post for the ultimate in DS stupidity. Oh, and enjoy the Babylon Bee version at the end of the post.

A publicity stunt could cost Texas Democrats up to $1.75 million after lawmakers went mask less on their privately chartered planes to Washington, D.C., violating Biden administration regulations on air travel.

But wait - it gets worse. These are very dumb people. Disclose TV on Gab...

JUST IN - Texas House votes to send law enforcement to find the dozens of absent Democrats, "under warrant of arrest if necessary," for blocking voter integrity legislation.

The Sharp Edge describes the intensifying presence of Capitol Police. Something is brewing, folks.

🚨 Capitol Police are opening field offices in CA, FL and other states.
🚨 The CP have increased intelligence-sharing & their partnership within the intelligence community.
🚨 The Pentagon has provided the CP with military grade high-def surveillance systems used in wartime applications to develop “pattern of life” analyses on suspected enemy combatants or intelligence targets in war zones.
🚨 There is no oversight of their surveillance. As an agency of the legislative branch, CP are exempt from any FOIA request.

Only 1 explanation for this expansion of the Capitol Police: Our government is at war with the people.

Check out this (sad) irrefutable proof that it may be the jab that is the problem - not the initial virus.


Here is the Babylon Bee version of the two Texas Democrat flights to DC. Enjoy.

Scroll down Pepe Lives Matter's Gab feed. Look for the Tik Tok video titled 'Conversations in 2021'. Priceless. I am sure every Light Warrior has been involved in a similar conversation - I certainly have.

Thank you to an eagle-eyed blog reader who followed up on the Canadian jabbed pilot 'no fly' story. It turns out it is only [v]axes not approved by Health Canada. Four vaxes are considered 'safe'. Sigh.

Blossom Goodchild's latest channelling of the GFoL is very exciting. The monoliths are to be activated. SOON.

Finally, I am amazed at the rapid movement in my tribe situation. I suddenly thought of someone and realized that I had not heard from them in weeks. Gone, just like that. Three new people have appeared who are long-lost tribe members. Arrived, just like that. It's a fascinating scenario. There is a stable of steady tribe members, for whom I am extremely grateful.

The Galactic Federation is offering us a glimpse of our exciting future through Blossom's latest channelling. We have so much to look forward to, my friends.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. I said to myself years ago that if I ever thought about moving to the USA, Texas would be the first place I would land. Now, I'm not so sure. Lol πŸ˜„

  2. Well, if they are shipping out all the Dems...tee hee...!
    It's Southern California for me. I need to be by the sea and a temperate climate. Being a Kiwi girl who has always lived near the ocean, it always feels like something is missing when I am in the desert. Even a whacking big lake doesn't do it. I love the ocean.

    1. I’ve lived in S. California, MD, FL, Tx. Traveled and sailed up and down the entire east coast of US. Outer Banks of NC would be my choice. But, I’m getting weary of the “salt life.” The endless battle with corrosion is getting on my nerves. Currently looking at places on rivers accessible to the ocean, but def. in fresh water territory. TN is my current favorite.

    2. Hi Tim. I haven't yet lived close enough to the sea to experience the corrosion issue. I have to say, I had not thought of it. It sounds as if you still have a yearning to be near water. River water is wonderful for swimming. Hmmm. Maybe I have to re-think the ocean thing!

    3. It’s a big deal to me, because I’m a sailor and even using high quality stainless everywhere you can, it’s still an issue. Hard to beat the beach life though, if that’s why you’re there. Just have to get in the habit of oiling everything or replacing it…. Hard to beat a week or two on a remote island somewhere, too… After the event, def. take some downtime for yourself and go enjoy the surf.

    4. My favorite thing to do on this planet is snorkel in the Pacific islands. I have done a lot of snorkeling all over the Pacific. The marine life is beautiful. Rarotonga is my favorite because it is only three hours from NZ, uses NZ currency and it remains timeless because people outside the Cook Islands are not allowed to buy property there. Rarotonga and Italy are my favorite places!

  3. Excellent post, as always. Love and light to you, Sierra. I am your tribe. :)

    1. Hi Jan - I am delighted that you are in my tribe. Yay! Love and Light to you, my friend.


    According to Galati all mask mandates have been dropped as of June 9 and are no longer enforceable in the slightest

    have you seen the video above?

    1. Mask mandates never were enforceable. They were never law. And if they were law, they would have been unconstitutional and thus void and unenforceable.

    2. I think it was those rogue Dems being arrested for going AWOL that was the biggest part of that story - the mask fine was just the sweetener. Their arrests would be great! And I agree, the mask mandates were never enforceable. They have never been law anywhere in the world, which makes the heavy-handed police arrests despicable, They are complicit.

  5. Truly, there are times when I get weary... I love the idea of living in a beautiful clean calm and peaceful world but not more than I love the entire idea of my daughter being completely whole and free from cerebral palsy. I just wish the med beds were in my reality right now today. I look forward to when all of this is behind us

    1. I hear you, my friend. I know so many people in situations that I wish could be fixed as soon as possible. The patience that we are all displaying, when we are so exhausted, is heroic. I know that we have no choice, but even still - heroic. Love and Light to you. Blessings to you and your daughter.

    2. Thank Sierra. I never looked at it that way...but yes. I can see that being a great way to describe this journey. That's my daughter's name...BlessingπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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