Deadly Contents of Pfizer Jab

A new video gives shocking details of the contents of the Pfizer jab - it is comprised 99% graphene oxide, a deadly toxin. Graphene oxide may also have been added to face masks and the virus PCR tests. It is genocide on a scale beyond comprehension.

I believe this information to be accurate because of my own experience this afternoon. For weeks I have avoided entering the house of my double-jabbed (Pfizer) neighbors - a lovely couple in their seventies. This afternoon I stood on their doorstep as usual to chat. She insisted that I come inside and sit down. I very reluctantly sat down for five minutes. I did not touch either of them.

A few minutes after I got home, I realized that I had developed a strong metallic taste in my mouth. I still have it several hours later. At the same time, a Light Warrior friend sent through the link to the above video. Bingo. It all fits. The entire picture makes sense to me.

Immediately upon identifying the metallic taste, I took a dose of High Dose Vitamin C powder, ate an orange and drank plenty of herbal tea to flush it through my system. It is truly shocking to me that such short exposure would cause that extreme reaction. My friend who sent the link developed mouth ulcers the day after being in a room of jabbed people for an hour. 

We Light Warriors KNOW the truth. However, sharing any of this information with deeply-asleep people, their response is usually to fire back a list of (fake) [C]ovid stats. It is an impasse. Choices have been made. 

Thanks to Swedish blog reader Ewa for passing on this article - it has great natural remedies to counteract the effects of the spike proteins in the jab.

Certain cities and countries are back into full lock down, or preparing to do so. What purpose could this have but to keep everyone safely at home while the Alliance does the final cleansing of the DS...? We know the Alliance is in full control. I cannot imagine any other explanation. 

We also know there is MORE darkness to come before the blazing Light of the Golden Age descends upon humanity, bringing freedom, peace and prosperity. We Light Warriors must steel ourselves for this last storming of the finish-line. We have come this far - we cannot buckle at the knees now.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. A lady I am very close to and I believe we are far enough into the process to be considered 4th Density. We ask source and our helpers to surround us with white light force, so that we might interact with these people without being affected. At a club I belong to, I tend to get hugged a lot. And at least half of those people have proudly been double jabbed.

    Aside from what seems to be normal ascension symptoms, so far no other recognizable side effects of interacting with the jabbed. I think it is much like fear. If you’re afraid of it, you might be given reason to be afraid. If you do not allow it into your reality, does it really exist? Not in our reality.

    We, all of us, really are choosing our own paths at this point. Choose wisely.

    1. Hi Tim...Please check out my response to DD's comment - it covers yours too. And thank you for the inspiration for my post! As I said to DD, I am not really afraid. It's certainly fascinating to have the physical reaction. I am super sensitive to any toxins - I always get a metallic taste on my tongue. Both you and DD are right - if I travel with a shield of protection, nothing can touch me.
      What an extraordinary time to be alive on Earth. A dear friend reminded me today that we are the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strongest.
      Much Love and Light to you

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  3. I spent the majority of my 40-year career working in the hospital. I was never in fear of my patients regardless of their diagnosis, and I never contracted any of their diseases. Since it was my chosen profession, I blocked the "negative energies" as I went about my duties. I told myself that I didn't have time to be sick. During the last 2 years, I've been in the local VA medical center about every 2 months. I also go to a dental clinic every 6 months. I come in contact with several staff members who got the jab. I do energy healing these days, so I'm highly sensitive to my surroundings. To this day, I have not felt any adverse reactions from any of them. The best recommendation that I can offer is to clear your space and surround yourself with the triple shield of protection from our creator. Many Blessings!

    1. Thanks DD. As you will see, you inspired a whole post in response to this comment! I am experiencing this jab stuff as if playing a role in a play. eg 'How does it feel to experience this reaction?' Then I share about how I work my way through it. Of course I don't really feel afraid. But it's interesting that I am living right in the heart of retirement-ville, where all my neighbors are elderly. Great research exercise, wouldn't you say...??
      Love and light


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