Global Protests

The riots are escalating globally. 

Crowds of protesters in Cuba, Greece and France are fighting back against mandatory jabs and lockdowns. And the furious people of Melbourne Australia have had enough as their [D]eep [S]tate premier Dan Andrews herds them into a FIFTH lockdown.

(Q)The Storm Rider is writing up a storm on Telegram - far too many great posts to include individually. Check it out at

Wow. The DS White House REGULARLY contacts Facebook to flag virus 'disinformation' posts online. SO guilty.

Further proof that the DS are in full panic mode - they want to monitor text messages for 'disinformation'.

The Arizona audit is gathering steam - major BOOM due shortly.

Devin Nunes told Sara Carter that the Durham report is coming out soon. Prison time. BOOM.

The President Trump Gab spoof account can always be relied on for light relief for the battle weary.

Ever since these pisoshitos announced they're spying on our covid texts i text Dan Scavino random Covid facts that make absolutely no sense... Today's text read: "Did you know that the Pfizer Vaccine is actually liquid viagra??"🤣🤣🤣
Finally, an intriguing story from my friend Emma, Coro fan (Coronation St). When I visited her yesterday, we discussed that the actors wore masks on the show all throughout the real pandemic - but those masks suddenly vanished a few weeks ago, with no explanation. When Emma did some research, she discovered that the show's producers discussed a pandemic story-line in late 2019! Here is her 'Coro St Rabbit Hole' thread on Telegram. 

Emma and I talked for what seemed like 2.5 hours. I was utterly shocked as I drove home to learn that it was closer to four hours. When two Light Warriors get together, time becomes quite meaningless.

A close Light Warrior friend has had a family member suddenly fall away after a major betrayal. As I said to him, you are ascending fast now and the family member's ladder could not reach you anymore. It is sad. However, it is important that we know who is truly in our tribe family as we speed ahead on the Ascension journey.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. I came across this link today with lots of great info - - Enjoy.

  2. Great! Thanks DD. I have time to check out videos today. Perfect timing! Love, Light and hugs to you, my friend.


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