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This is a new channelling from Sophia of The One.


July 13, 2021


You are entering a permanently changed reality. It changes gradually. As the pedophilia pipeline ruptures, the banks collapse, and as they do, the money stops its free-flow into all of those (humans) taking part.


It blows wide open and all at once. While most humans will struggle for their necessities and to make sense of this news that they are hearing – the participants in this most hideous evil will be gathered up and/or running for their lives. Money and reputation will be the least of it.



I see chaos…





It will be very frightening and quite confusing. Heroes will arise then. Awakened ones to calm the fears of the sleeping ones. Such a time on Earth has not been seen.


You are living through the end of times. This is not the end of you. It is the end of times. These times. The time of the enslaved human race. It is ending. All must be in order before it does.


Prosperity for humanity is part of the plan. It has always been part of the plan.



In such a time as this you will be faced with multiple and frequent attacks to your reality. This is because it crumbles before your eyes. As it does, bits wear off here and there. At first occasionally, then it will feel like an onslaught of strikes against what you have known as real.


These may look like any or all of the following:


 Your body may suddenly or periodically feel or respond differently.


Your dreams will no longer feel “other-worldly”. Yet more as if they are running concurrently with your physical life.


Nature will change in ways that you haven’t seen before.


Your desires will shift.


Your eyes will see differently.


Institutions may dissolve, many, for sure, never to return.


Your concept of time will shift.


Your ideas around value will get shaken up.



These are the obvious shifts. You may not perceive them at first as any big deal. An ache or pain, here or there, a few closings, some odd weather patterns. Yet eventually and relatively quickly, these will accumulate and patterns of alteration will be perceived.


It will help to discuss the vast length of “time” this Awakening seems to be taking; linear time that is. For there are some of you (who are) reading these words who’ve waited decades for its arrival.


The shift in consciousness and change in frequency was seen by your seers and known about long before now. What feels imminent has felt as if it was on its way for a very long time.


It is now in your lap, you might say, and as you get up and move around you are feeling it. 


“Why is this taking so long?” You ask.


An entire civilization is being adjusted. Parts of it are being eliminated. Many of its deepest inner workings are coming apart on their own, or else they are being forcibly dismantled.


Your reality has been based on a construct that was designed to hold you always in its grip of enslavement and subservience. It has no intention of letting go and is right now being forced to abandon what it can no longer control.


This idea is not one it believes; it therefore will hang on until it sees the futility of doing so.


Your reality is changing this way because this is the way you are changing it. There are a lot of you working together to do so. Many do so without full clarity as to what it is they are changing.


This all takes time. Time determined by man. Time also determined by Source, who will enter the scenario at a certain point. There will be no doubt of this moment. There will be no questioning this moment. Your reality will be forever changed once it occurs.


You will not miss this.


You will not miss this.


That is all.


Thank you.


  1. As always, perfect timing for hearing this. I just wrote in my journal today "Why is this taking so long?" Seriously. It feels good to know I am not the only one feeling this, or who knows this is coming. Trying to be patient.

  2. Oh Deb, we are all trying VERY hard to be patient. And while we are trying to be patient, we still have to deal with 3D challenges. We are not the bravest of the brave for nothing, my dear friend.

  3. "Why is this taking so long?" Because for many years, and decades, the messages from above were saying "soon" all the time. Isn't that like shouting "fire" in a theater when there is no fire?

    1. "It will be very frightening and quite confusing.
      Such a time on Earth has not been seen.
      You are living through the end of times."

      Connecting Link article by Sandi Sheppard, 1994
      Ashtar: "Trust in the help of millions of other-worldly beings that are awaiting this transition just outside of your atmospheric realms. They are all here to help you with this great exodus and have given themselves completely to this mission, in the name of our Creator Source."
      This message is talking about an exodus from Earth to the mothership.
      Lightworker youtube Lorra talks about the Mud Flood that happened worldwide 200 years ago.

  4. Thank you, Wayne. This article echoes Dolores Cannon's regression clients' view of the time we are in now. I could not imagine how there could be worldwide rioting when I read their regressions twenty years ago. We are there now. We have arrived.
    Love and Light to you, I appreciate your input.

  5. Bom dia ser passiente é uma virtude logo logo a porta se abrirá Obrigado Obrigado Obrigado.

  6. Thanks Sierra for your great passion! The flood has arrived in my country and is putting parts of Germany massively under water. We see many people who have lost everything and there are more and more dead people (true, fake...who knows). Although I am aware that this is the choice of every soul and the water is a necessary cleansing for many bad dumbs in this area because Germany is still very deep in the D-S. So I ask all lightworkers to take also the affected people in my beloved country in their prayers and send them light. Thanks to you and be blessed for this.

    1. Bigi, I will ask our blog community to pray for Germany in my next post. Much Love and Light to you. You are not alone, my friend.

  7. I say, "Bring. It. On!" Love and Light to you, Sierra!

    1. Bring it on, indeed...! We are more than ready. Love and Light, Jan.

  8. I really enjoyed this article. Ready to get on with the good stuff. Hugs.


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