Superb Intel Summary

This superb intel summary is essential reading. Don't skip through - read every word carefully otherwise you will miss a juicy nugget of information. The entire piece is an intel gold mine. Bravo, Mr Ed. And thank you. This extensive summary should ease a lot of hearts and minds.

I love this excerpt...
'The good guys have kept some of the underground stuff (tunnel transportation networks) to be used against the bad guys'.

Bingo. It makes perfect sense that the Alliance would take advantage of existing infrastructure. There is something deliciously karmic about using the [D]eep [S]tate's extensive tunnel system to ship them off country or planet to face justice for their heinous crimes against humanity. No wonder President Trump has a big grin on his face these days.

Let's not forget Antarctica as part of the Big Reveal. As Dr Michael Salla explains in this tweet, the big 'melt' in Antarctica will soon reveal the hidden secrets of the DS Secret Space Program, including irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial craft on earth.

As for the jab, remember One Who Serves said in his channelling that the supposed number of [v]accinations worldwide has been greatly exaggerated by the DS media. I agree. Anecdotal evidence here in NZ indicates that the numbers of jabbed people is lower than reported. I love this gutsy tweet. Pass it on...

So Creepy Joe is freaking out about the Pennsylvania election audit. Guilty, much? This is a screen-shot re-post by Bolen on Gab. He is writing some great posts. I am going to start following him.

Fact Check: True
Finally, here is your moment of absurdity for today. Maybe I should make it a daily feature - there is never any shortage of material, is there...?? Sadly, this little story is real, and not Babylon Bee satire.

Well, dear friends, it is another sunny day here in top of the south New Zealand. Frosty start, then plenty of the white stuff all day. Not snow. I am talking about the sun. It has been white for years but I bet if you ask people what color is the sun, they would reply that it is yellow. It's not. Our sun is changing. It's getting lighter and brighter - and so are we...!


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  1. Dear Sierra, I want to make a cap of Merinowool for you, to say Thank You and to show my love. Please let me know, what colour, a long beanie or a normal cap and where can I send it. In Love, Hanne.

    1. Hi Hanne. That is such a sweet offer, I am incredibly touched. Sadly, I cannot wear wool, even merino because my skin has become so sensitive to different fabrics. Thank you so much for thinking of me. The offer is the love. Hugs to you.

    2. Das verstehe ich liebe Sierra, du bist dennoch gut behütet, auch ohne Mütze. Ich umarme dich, Hanne

    3. Thank you for being so understanding Hanne. Your offer of the merino hat, especially in our cold winter, was beautiful. I wish I could wear wool, especially merino. The problem with being sensitive to fabrics makes life awkward. Love and Light to you, my friend.

    4. Liebe Sierra, es gibt natürlich Alternativen, Baumwolle oder synthetische Wolle, hilft auch etwas bei kaltem Winter, auch solche Mützen mache ich. Weißt du, ich bin im Ruhestand und habe fleißige Hände. Viele Mützen mache ich für Obdachlosenhilfe, Kleiderspende und einfach nur so als kleines Geschenk, kleines Dankeschön, kleiner Gruß. Wenn also solch eine Mütze geht, dann schreib es mir bitte. Es würde mir große Freude machen, dann brauche ich Farbwunsch und ob sie länger sein soll. Und wenn du überhaupt keine Mütze trägst, dann sende ich dir in Gedanken eine Mütze, die dich behütet. Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass ein wunderbares Blau schön für dich wäre. Liebe und Grüße von Hanne

    5. It is very kind of you to offer me gifts, Hanne. However my policy is not to accept gifts from blog readers because I do this work for the love of humanity. I hope you understand. I love hearing from you, please stay in touch. Much Love and Light.

  2. You are very welcome! Love and Light to you.

  3. Thank you! The hearts are very much appreciated.

  4. Nice recap on everything - esp. the rumormillnews article. : ) Hugs


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