Watch The Water

Catastrophic flooding in China has destroyed two dams, with a third about to fail. The Chinese military state that the Yihetan dam near Luoyang - a city of seven million people - could collapse at any time. Watch the water.

Black market fake vaccine passports in France - the similarities to Nazi Germany cannot be ignored. 

This is an example of pure evil. The American Academy of Pediatrics is forcing children over two years to wear masks at schools and nurseries - even if they are vaccinated. Fight back to protect these innocent babes.

Senator Rand Paul destroyed [F]auci in this hearing. The [F]auci double looks nothing like the original who had blue eyes, a wide nose and a round wrinkled smirky face.

Check out this cool meme on Relentless Truth Gab for the original [F]auci. Love the meme - and Rand Paul.

FEMA will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System on August 11th - just two days before the widely-rumored inauguration of President Trump on 13th August. Interesting.

QAnon76 on Gab with a great little summary of the big picture. Farewell, [D]eep [S]tate.

We are in the middle of another paradigm shift. 💥

* US Election Audits are about to blow open #TrumpWon 🇺🇸
* UK uprising #ArrestBoris 🇬🇧
* France uprising #ViveLeFrance 🇫🇷

Meanwhile Markets are crashing 📈
Stocks, Cryptos, Metals all dropping.
(They)are losing control.

Here is a video I mentioned in a recent post. An Aussie comedian - watch from 40 seconds. Priceless.

Sage advice from Pepe Lives Matter on Gab.

I've found that the best way to walk through a difficult season is to do it one day at a time and just one step at a time. No need to overthink it. Just keep going.
No season lasts forever.
A light at the end of the tunnel will come.
Finally, I love this meme from Colleen, Sheldon Nidle's partner. Thanks Colleen...!


It is raining here again. Anons are discussing the similarities to Noahs Ark with the current widespread global flooding. Notice how the DS talking heads lamely blame everything on 'global warming'. Each day the madness continues, more people are questioning the DS narrative. Protests will grow, spreading from country to country. We the People have had ENOUGH.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Taking it one step, one day at a time is the only way to get through the madness. We are the bravest of the brave! Love and light to you, Sierra!

    1. I agree about one step, one day at a time. It's the only way to ascend! Love and Light to you, Jan.

  2. Here's a 28 second clip from the Nobel Prize winner and world's top virologist - - - - - Love and Light - - - DD

    1. Thanks DD, I always appreciate sharing clips. Love and Light to you.

  3. Hello Sierra. Tonight I take my keyboard to send you all my gratitude. Your pen is light and soothes the horrors that we discover day after day. In Europe we are "alone" the censorship is there. Europeans are still sleeping a lot, except for the last few days when people are FINALLY moving en masse. They are going back to the streets. Thank you for your support which gives us a breath of fresh air. You are Wisdom and Hope ;) President Trump to awaken HOPE in me. You have many wonderful chances to have him in your home. Long live the Patriots and long live God I'm hugging you. WWG1WGA - Breath of Life

    Translated with (free version)

    Coucou Sierra. Ce soir je prends mon clavier pour te transmettre toute ma gratitude. Ta plume est légère et apaise les horreurs que l'on découvre jour après jour. En Europe nous sommes "seuls" la censure est là. Les Européens dorment encore beaucoup, sauf depuis quelques jours où les gens bougent ENFIN en masse. Ils redescendent dans la rue. Merci pour ton soutien qui nous donne une bouffée d'oxygène. Tu es la Sagesse et l'Espoir ;) Le Président Trump à réveiller en moi l'ESPOIR. Vous avez beaucoup de chances merveilleuses de l'avoir chez vous. Vive les Patriots et vive Dieu Je t'embrasse. WWG1WGA - Souffle de Vie

    1. Hello my friend. What a beautiful tribute - I am honored and very humbled. Thank you! If my pen is managing to soothe the horrors then I am doing the exact job I set out to do. I said to a dear Light Warrior friend today - I want to inform and inspire/reassure readers of this blog in equal measure. This journey is hard enough without some comfort along the way.
      Bless you, I appreciate your message so much. Love and Light to you.

    2. Bonjour, mon ami. Quel bel hommage - je suis honoré et très touché. Merci! Si mon stylo parvient à apaiser les horreurs, alors je fais exactement le travail que j'avais prévu de faire. J'ai dit à un cher ami Light Warrior aujourd'hui - je veux informer et inspirer/rassurer les lecteurs de ce blog dans une égale mesure. Ce voyage est déjà assez difficile sans un certain confort en cours de route.
      Soyez bénis, j'apprécie beaucoup votre message. Amour et Lumière à vous.

    3. Hi, I'm from the Czech Republic. In our country, it's like people being manipulated, threatening politicians, being scared, and I've had my whole family and almost all my relatives and colleagues at work vaccinated. Caregivers in nursing homes are forced to get vaccinated, like my mom. She was threatened, so she had to go. In our country, it is also located on the main square in Prague, in a large shopping center.

    4. Hi Marketa...I am so sorry to hear what you are experiencing in your country. Please know that the rest of the world is rising up in massive protest over the vax. Be reassured
      that millions of Light Warriors are fighting right now on your behalf so you will be free.
      Hold on. The last part of the battle is always the hardest. We are nearly there...! Much Love and Light to you, my friend.

  4. Thank you, I am very touched! Love and Light.


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