[B]iden Bails - Again

[B]iden turned his back - yet again - on a reporter asking a question about Afghanistan. You cannot tell the people; you have to SHOW them.


Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller - the brave Marine Commander who called for accountability from his seniors over the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal - has resigned rather than be fired. He has sacrificed a comfortable retirement and all veteran assistance rights.

Follow me and we will bring the whole f***ing system down. I am honorable - you can ask any marine who served with me for 17 years. (Lt. Col. Scheller)

The WHO has released a 'guiding document' to introduce vaccine 'certificates' into every country in the world. Who is funding this operation? Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockerfeller Foundation. We The People WILL NOT COMPLY.

Andrew Torba, Gab CEO, with an excellent post explaining how the DS uses 'option paralysis' and fear to control the masses.

A chilling message from Dr Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Chief Scientist - UK will be jabbing all school children from 6th September, with or WITHOUT their parent's consent. 

The WHO again - beware of 'implied consent' if you have school aged children. This is heinous.

Dr Zelenko summarizes how Pfizer and the FDA are fooling people about the jab 'approval'. https://gab.com/ZZ611/posts/106841560414642753

A blast from the past - the famous video of HRC getting arrested in 2016 at the 9/11 memorial commemoration. This was the last time the real HRC was seen alive. From that day onwards, it has been doubles and clones. Note how roughly the security guy handled her as she stumbled - that's not the compassionate manner in which you would assist someone who is unwell.

Finally, a reminder that millions of people around the world are REFUSING to comply. We The People.

Tomorrow is the truckie blockade in Aussie, and hopefully New Zealand and other countries. Go the truckies. We Are With You...!

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I wish the director would end this movie. 🤦

    1. Im ready for the part in the Heroes Journey when the Main character's friends start to show up, or the new skill they've learned is about to be implemented and the baddies start to get taken down and we know they are.

      I'm ready for the comedic outtakes for sure.

    2. We were warned by Cue that the ending of the movie won't be for everyone. I am sure there will be plot twists and turns right at the end. I think we can all agree that the final scene is fast approaching and the GOOD GUYS win. As for the gag reel at the end...? I think the Biden video in today's post (Gutsy Light Warriors) should be included...!
      Love and Light to you

  2. Jan, you are not alone - we will get through this together. Hugs to you.

  3. Big hugs back to you, Sierra!


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