Lockdown: Business As Usual

Day One of NZ lockdown.

We Kiwi Light Warriors have established our lockdown mantra: 'Business as usual.' My dear friend Walt put up a FB post telling his friends that his door is open, the jug is on and everyone is welcome. I am visiting with two Light Warrior friends this afternoon - business as usual.

Few people are paying heed to our evil PM. Neighbors are talking to each other. There are still some deluded people out there though. On my morning walk I passed an older woman wearing a thick mask. It's a beautiful day, lovely spring breeze. I said to her, 'Why are you wearing a mask? You should be breathing the fresh air. It's healthy. What you are doing is crazy.' She had the grace to look sheepish (excuse the pun).

Predictably, the local supermarket has run out of toilet paper and bread. Thank goodness we Light Warriors had the opportunity to stock up on essentials a few days ago. We were tipped off to this sudden lockdown.

My younger daughter is unwell and is being tested for Covid. I warned her about all the false positives, in case her obvious sinus illness shows up as the fake virus. 

I estimate that around 30 - 40% of New Zealanders are now awake to the truth. On my walk I bumped into an elderly neighbor who has been double-jabbed. I was astonished when he said the lockdown is BS. He watches Sky News Australia and knows the truth! It's such a pity he got jabbed before he woke up, but I am grateful to have a truther neighbor, the only one on my street.

I resonate with BP at Starship Earth - she's not in victim mode. I have NEVER felt like a victim during this war.

We know the Earth Alliance has the upper hand. I do believe the Patriots are in control. They can't explain this to us and we don't have a lot to go on but I don't feel like a victim. Call me irrational, a Pollyanna, whatever. That is my stance. It's all good and soon we will come out the other side. (BP Starship Earth)

Here is proof that we are watching a movie - [B]iden has not spoken to a single world leader since the fall of Afghanistan. Noor Bin Ladin outlines the TRUTH in this video. Love the 'Trump Won' signs behind her.

This withdrawal is not a failure, it's an operation. It has been intended to humiliate America on the world's stage. This is part of a larger playbook. (Noor Bin Ladin)

This meme is for those of us with ears to hear and eyes to see. It's a movie, folks.

The [D]eep [S[tate narrative is crumbling at lightning speed. Please support Project Veritas. James O'Keefe is a hero Light Warrior who will long be remembered for his extraordinary investigative journalism.

Federal employees within the Biden Administration are coming forward to Veritas like never before. STAY TUNED...(Project Veritas)

Finally, here is your chuckle for today. Note the name 'GrandOldMemes' on the window frame.

The best way to defeat the DS is by using ridicule, sarcasm and searing wit. Remember, they have no sense of humor. We Light Warriors have been equipped with wicked senses of humor for a reason. Use it!


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Hello Sierra,
    You know I wonder how hard it would be to find 5 people with the guts to say they voted for Biden. You know some people will never get it. I live by a retired Lieutenant colonel and he and his wife went everywhere around my area to get the jab. I told them not to. I have found educated people are the most clueless of all. They think their four year college degree makes them smarter than anyone else. Didn't mean to write a book. Always glad to read your post.

    1. Hi there. Lovely to hear from you. Yes, sadly sometimes the 'educated' people have been brain washed by the 'education' system to the point where they cannot think and research for themselves. And fear makes people crazy. Today there were people wearing masks on my lovely beach side walking track. No one else around. Fresh air. Common sense here? Not so much. Love and Light to you.

  2. Sierra: "The best way to defeat the DS is by using ridicule, sarcasm and searing wit." I hope you were joking about your new curse mantra.

    The devotees of Auckland, New Zealand have a much different program to defeat the demons and make spiritual progress. They sing, dance, make music, chant the Hare Krishna mantra, and distribute free food. This food was offered to the Deities in the temple room. Look at the love of God they have with their street troupe.
    "hare krishna hare rama kirtan | auckland newzealand | krishna mahamantra | krishna bhajan"

    1. Hi Wayne
      I understand why some people would find my suggestion unhelpful and the curse offensive. However, our frustration here Down Under is such that we need to get some fire in our belly and learn to FIGHT BACK. We are a tiny country, there are so few Light Warriors, we have to stand tall and not be trodden over.

  3. Hi Sierra, I just couldn't find the post that had the info on what to do if your job requires the jab. Please advise. A friend is asking for guidance!! Thank You!!!!

    1. Hi there...Look at the comments under the post 'Kabul: The Precipice.' You will find the information there in the comment section. Good luck!

  4. I watched an interview last night of a Finnish researcher Kalevi Korento. He´s secretly got waste bins from hospitals with used syringes and jab bottles. He´s telling what he found and which methods he´s used. Very scary! The interview is in Finnish language but subtitles are in English (quite bad English I think but I hope one does understand) so I warmly recommend to watch it. He´s not the usual type of a researcher or a doctor but rather a refreshing exception, a rough Finnish dude. :)
    He has also found a new cure against spike proteins. Toluidine fights them in a chemical way and destroys all spike proteins. You can find toluidine in pine and spruce needles, so he recommends to drink needle tea 3 times a day.

    1. Thank you for this link, it sounds very interesting. What a great idea to get the used syringes and jab bottles and analyze them. Creative thinking!

  5. Thanks Jan! It is always so lovely to see your name in the comments

  6. UK Gov Accused of Intentionally Murdering People Who Supposedly Died of CV19

    The People's Union of Britain the only Union that takes back sovereignty
    Update of Prosecution

    PUB To Lay Charges of Mass Murder
    By Government Policy



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