Kabul: The Precipice

I believe that the fall of Afghanistan represents the precipice. This event has GLOBAL impact. The whole world now bears witness to [B]iden's disastrous corrupt administration. It will surely crumble now as quickly as did Kabul. 

Many Anons believe that the Taliban (this version) may be backed by the White Hats. The Alliance plan has become so complex that we can only guess at the daily twists and turns. Ultimately, we must have faith. We must TRUST the Alliance - they are in the last stages of liberating humanity.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has posted a comprehensive statement about the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. I recommend reading it.

President Trump's statement about Afghanistan...
What Joe Biden has done with Afghanistan is legendary. It will go down as one of the greatest defeats in American history!

History repeating itself. It is time for humanity to WAKE UP.
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July 8, 2021 - "There's going to be no circumstance you'll see people being lifted off the roof of an Embassy of the United States from Afghanistan. It's not at all comparable (with Vietnam)" - Joe Biden

The US Embassy staff fleeing from Saigon (top) and Kabul (bottom).

This is great news from Fortune 500. We have got the [D]eep [S]tate on the run, Light Warriors.
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Your ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is causing Globalist corporation executives many sleepless nights.

It is believed that this audit result alone will be enough to reinstate President Trump - the audit results from the other states would just be a formality.

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Finally, a shout out to my favorite Light Warrior on Gab - Major Patriot. EVERY link in today's post came from Major Patriot's Gab page today. He is indispensable to me. https://gab.com/MajorPatriot

Focus on keeping your daily life simple. It is the best antidote to the unfolding craziness out there. I also find it helpful to be grateful. And I am very grateful to you, lovely blog readers. Thank you!

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Thank you Annette - that is so kind of you.

  2. My husband is facing the mandatory jab or quit with his employer. He plans to quit. (Then it's on me. :) ) I agree with Annette. I am grateful for you, Sierra.

  3. Jan, please tell your husband from me that I very much appreciate and honor his brave stand. We Light Warriors stand with him. Love and Light to you both.

  4. Don’t quit. Make them fire you. Then sue.

    It’s a clear violation of the Nuremberg codes.

    1. Blogger/google won’t let me publish the info you need. I’ve tried breaking it up. Tried parsing it. They won’t publish the comments. Grrrr. It’s out there. Look to Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and Doug Billings Web sites for info and forms.

    2. Thank you, brigantine. I will tell him!

    3. Thanks for taking the time to share this information, Tim. It seems that employees avoiding the jab mandate is one of the biggest issues for Light Warriors right now. It is heart breaking - and any way we can help them, we must do it. Thanks again, my friend.


    6. Lin Wood Provided S. Powell link.




    There is ALOT of information in here. Too deep for me to dive. 👇


    This one specifically should help with college. 👇


    C. VAX CHOICE- How to File a Private Criminal Complaint


  6. 7. Last, Do not quit your job. Another option is to tell your employer you’re not refusing it. You’re deferring until the clinical trials are over in 2 years & the safety data is analyzed & available so you can exercise “Informed consent”. If anything, let them fire you. You can claim wrongful termination as a last case scenario.

    8. NO!!!!!


    A. Forced vaccinations violate:

    - The Nuremberg War Crimes Code.
    - The Geneva Convention.
    - The UN Charter.
    - The international Criminal Court Laws.
    - The US Constitution.
    - The Declaration of Geneva (the original, not the substitution put in by the Deep state)

  7. I wanted to personally shout out to YOU as well, Sierra. You have been a lifesaver for me all these months.

    A bit of an update on the American front. Even here, in what some call "a little slice of heaven" in Middle Tennessee, where we haven't felt the effects of the virus nearly as hard as the rest of the country, we are seeing less restaurants open, tons of HIRING signs everywhere, more and more restaurants that are open having food shortages, the grocery store shelves looking more and more bare; many gas station pumps out of gas even during the day. Trying very hard to stay sane. But I'm watching more and more people all around me getting ANGRY. Even those who might not normally pay attention to anything political are finally doing so - and they're not liking what they're seeing.

    Another little thing I thought of yesterday: "We are not living in the Matrix; we are living in a badly written episode of Saturday Night Live."

  8. Thanks for the shout out Deb, I really appreciate it. I am going to give YOU a shout out in today's post. I LOVE your closing line in your comment. I will use it - SO funny!


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