Light Warrior Hero Roll Call

There are some amazing Light Warrior heroes out there. Meet one - Marine Commander Stuart Scheller was fired after making this video demanding accountability from his leaders for Afghanistan.

Scheller's video was hugely popular on social media. Here is his response - and his call to fellow Marines.

A timely reminder of the tenacity of President Trump and the Alliance. Nothing Will Stop What Is Coming.

Here is an interesting theory on the Kabul bombing (I haven't watched the video yet).

If you haven't seen [B]iden's White House presser about the bombing, check out this scathing Daily Mail article. Scroll down for the video of [B]iden talking to the reporters. Un-be-lievable.

Where IS Jill [B]iden? I asked this question of friends just yesterday.

Wow. Health workers in France BURN their qualifications in protest over the jab. This is incredible bravery.

A Los Angeles firefighter gives an impassioned speech against the mandated jab. Another hero. So many.

How is this different to mandatory jabs...??

This meme supports an INTERNATIONAL truckers protest on 31st August. Bring it on...!

Finally, a meme that symbolizes the rapidly-plummeting reputation of Creepy Joe. Dead man walking.

It is fascinating to watch my elderly neighbors rebel against our PM's 'rule' to not talk to neighbors. This morning they wandered out of their homes. Four to six of them chatted together on the pavement for over an hour. One is a Korean vet in his nineties. No masks, no social distancing - just good old-fashioned neighborly connection.

It is not just the jab that is awakening people - it is shortages...etc etc etc. The dominos of the old structures are tumbling down everywhere. By the end of this year, life on this planet will be unrecognizable - just as we could never have envisaged the current situation a year ago.

Hold the line, World Patriots. Humanity is RISING UP in protest over the tyranny. Those numbers will grow exponentially in coming days as election fraud is proven and a multitude of other crimes against humanity are exposed.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Hello Sierra Much Love & Light to You Beautiful Light warrior of truth God Bless You
    Hope you will check this out thanks

    Powerful: Australia Is Leading The Way Into Global Tyranny. Resist COVID1984.

  2. I will watch it shortly - thank you! Love and Light to you...

  3. Brilliant video, thank you - it will be in tomorrow's post. I really appreciate you sending me the link.

  4. Can't wait for this movie to end!! 😄

  5. WARNING: Do not watch that video on the Kabul bombing if you cannot stomach watching people die.

  6. Thanks for pointing it out, Deb. We don't need to see every gory detail to understand the horrors of this war. I have been researching it for a long time and there are several images engraved on my brain that I wish I had not accidentally seen.


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