Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

The attendance at President Trump's Alabama rally was 45,000. That's an entire town. Amazing.

It is astounding to read criticism of our PM in the NZ mainstream media. It tells me that the Alliance is starting to drip-feed TRUTH to sleeping humanity via their newspapers and tellies.

Here is the TRUTH about the critical shortage of staff in USA hospitals. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Poof sheds light on the jab situation in his latest channelling. Interesting to think that the jab company people might have had a gun held to their head (literally)...

We are assuring you that many of the predictions that concerned scientists and people who are "in the know" can be trusted. The makers of the vaccines are under the gun to do what they are doing. Do you not know that these people would not poison the populace on their own accord? Think that one through !!!!

The camps won’t be used for you; they will be used for the crooks. Stop worrying about that. Passports will be trifling and not make the grade; vaccines are a hoax and the pharmaceutical companies will end up paying for the misery they have caused. Give it time; just wait it out and watch what happens.

Trump will be coming back....the timing cannot and will not be revealed.........(Poof)

The video is blurry but persevere. This man had the last laugh - and talk about laugh!

Finally, this video gave me goose bumps. Go, our lovely Aussie friends...! We love you.

It is abundantly clear, just in the space of a few days, that WE THE PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING BACK WORLDWIDE.

Keep this mantra close to your fighting heart, Light Warriors: 'Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.'


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!!
    Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Indeed, Jan -the avalanche is speeding down the mountainside. Look out DS...!

  2. Thank you, Jan! I have a smile on my face at seeing your comment. Love and Light to you, my friend.

  3. Hello Sierra much Love & Light to You

    China now openly and loudly mocking USA.
    In English...
    [complete with canned laughter and bad jokes]

    1. Interesting..! I am sure it is all part of the Alliance playbook. Everything we see at the moment feels heavily scripted. Thanks for the link...! Much Love and Light to you too.

  4. Hi Sierra hope your keeping sane & safe & more important well, much Love and Light to you

    FACT CHECKING THE CDC: SARS-COV2 Vaccines and Shedding
    August 21, 2021 by Dr. Rich Swier

    1. Hi there....I am fairly sane, very safe and I am well - thank you for asking! Thanks for this link, I really appreciate it. Much Love and Light to you too.

  5. Help me once again understand why Trump keeps recommending the vaccine? I have seen many replies to this.. one of the most compelling was the fact that if he didnt he would never have a chance to speak in public as he would be destroyed by MSM as a kook. I just dont get it though... unless most of the vaccines are saline. I personally have never gotten one, wont and will not do a test either.

    1. Hi Michael...
      This is such a tricky subject, as I often say. There are several theories out there now. Firstly, that the rate of placebos is much higher than first thought, maybe as high as 90%. Secondly, that it could even be HCQ in the jabs.
      It is the one area of the entire Alliance plan that we may never have an answer for. Our best option is to trust the soul plan of everyone who chooses to take the jab. If they are not meant to ascend, this could be their exit plan. And during their exit, they may have chosen to teach humanity a lesson about mindlessly following the msm narrative.
      Love and Light to you

    2. Hi Michael and Sierra . . . This is my take - and I've been to 4 rallies . . .
      1) HCQ - from Telegram (TrumpIntel) today: "When Trump says he took the vaccine, he means hydroxychloroquine\regeneron. It is listed as a vaccine." 2) Misinformation - part of war. Read the short book, "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu - found online as a pdf or audio.
      3) If he said not to take it, might he lose the 'vax' supporters?
      He has always made it optional. Otherwise he'd be called a dictator. Blessings . . . DD

    3. Thanks DD and Sierra... both of these make sense. Great response.

  6. For those of you who only look at political memes, I want to clarify something about the video of the man speaking Spanish or Portuguese. That video has been around for a really long time, so the man is not talking about the world’s current state of affairs. Whoever made this version just slapped some text to the bottom of the screen. This could still technically be used as an effective meme, but I felt that some of you would appreciate the fact check.

    1. Thanks so much Rose Angel. I do appreciate the fact check. It is very important that the TRUTH is shared, so if there is anything I miss, dear friends, please ensure that I am posting correct information. Much Love and Light to you.

  7. Dear Sierra. Greetings. You might want to post this for the NZ community:
    NEW ZEALAND - GROCERIES (and other necessities)
    Romana is taking charge of the whole world! (smile). Be well.

  8. Thanks Sarah...! I will include this link in today's post - much appreciated. Love and Light to you.


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