President Trump Honors Fallen USA Military Personnel

Today over one hundred people were killing in bombings at Kabul airport, including 13 USA military personnel.

President Trump honors the loss of US military lives in the Afghanistan bombings. His powerful speech is exactly what you would expect from the real President of USA. Note the flags. 

It has been a while since we heard from Melania Trump - lovely to hear from her now.

The REAL FLOTUS cares. We miss you beautiful Melania πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

President Trump again in an excerpt from an interview with an unknown person. President Trump says that Pfizer has control over the FDA. BOOM.

And President Trump yet again (getting a picture of a man returning to public life...??). In this short video excerpt with Hannity he says, 'Something good is going to happen...'

Tucker Carlson's blistering attack on New Zealand's Prime Minister over the latest lockdown featured in our mainstream media. Incredible. The tide is definitely turning. The NZ Herald article states that Carlson 'misrepresented' the situation. Actually, he UNDER-represented the situation. Our entire country was put into lockdown over an ASSUMED case of 'Delta' - it wasn't confirmed until the following day.

Go Aussie truckers! We Are With You on Tuesday 31st. We hope your Kiwi counterparts are out in force.

Our light-hearted piece today comes from blog reader Phud in a comment about my post 'Food Shortages'.

'I am experiencing a serious shortage in my neck of the woods. I'm running out of conspiracy theories as all those I used to espouse are slowly but surely coming true. LAUGH and have a good day all!!' (Phud)

Our prayers go to the families of all those killed in the Afghanistan bombings - Afghanis and USA military personnel. The souls of the departed have fulfilled their contracts and are now at peace. Bless them.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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