Taliban Bans Jab

Is THIS the final straw that will enlighten people worldwide that [B]iden is a disaster? The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan and Kabul is about to fall. Even the notorious Taliban are smarter than [B]iden - they are banning the jab.

Is THIS the final straw that will finally awaken Americans? No jab, no fly. It's no joke - a bill has been introduced in Congress.

A cyber expert at the Cyber Symposium gives irrefutable evidence that Dominion tampered with the voting machines. It is only a matter of time before the Arizona audit is decertified. BOOM.

Gestapo tactics are in full force in Australia. Note the threatening language from Dan Andrews. Pure evil.

Relentless Truth on Gab reminds us Light Warriors that WE are the news now.
Can you imagine how pissed off the puppet masters must be to watch as their Farm raised Mockingbird Media assets become completely irrelevant and are replaced by a bunch of Patriotic conspiracy theorists?

Finally, one word sums up the current state of most Light Warriors. Exhaustion. Bone-weary mind-numbing can-barely-put-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other exhaustion.

Pepe Lives Matters on Gab has some uplifting words to keep us going.

You are not given an option on whether or not to endure this time of transition. But you do have the ability to see through the fog and envision a brighter future.

You are not helpless... During times of intense battle it can become easy to despair.

Resist that with all your heart.
Keep your morale and your hope in God and you will be safeguarded from the fatigue that comes with our day to day struggles.

We live in extraordinary times.
Be grateful that you are alive to witness all that is happening.
A simple change in attitude can make these days easier to bear.

It is positive, inspiring messages such as these that help to keep me going. Most of us Light Warriors are running on virtually empty now. We are in survival mode. And that is perfectly alright. Do whatever it takes to crawl across that finish line, my friends. There are no prizes for the tidiest dressed.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I am tired, bone tired, but I will not break my contract with God. I will drag myself over the finish line. Or, my guides will drag me. ;) Love and Light, Sierra!

  2. We are all carrying each other over the line, Jan - each one of us, supporting the other Light Warriors in a grid of Light that encircles the world. Much Love and Light and hugs to you.

  3. Muito Muito Obrigado luz luz luz

    1. It is my pleasure - Much Love and Light to you too.


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