White House Press Secretary: 'Plandemic'

Wow. [B]iden's press secretary just said the word 'plandemic' during a White House presser. I wonder if the Alliance forced her to do it...?? Listen at 40".

A new message from President Trump. You cannot tell the people - you have to SHOW them.
Our Country has never been so diminished. It has reached an all-time low! (President Trump)

Some common sense from one of my favorite truth journalists, BP at Starship Earth.

Let's face it: if there were a pandemic, the homeless would all be dead. You would have had a bobcat out there scraping them off the streets and dumping them in those disposable grave liners they covertly collected since 2012. The psychopaths didn't get their plandemic because of Divine intervention. The whole world (and off-world) has rallied to remove these monsters from Creation.

The fact is, the death statistics for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 were basically the same. That's because people died from the same illnesses they have always died from---not COVID---and the medical industrial complex is not invested in doing anything about it. They had planned a mass extinction of Humanity but their agenda was foiled and we were saved. Now we are taking them out---and we might need those grave liners.

New York workers are protesting in the streets against the jab mandates. This is awesome news.

An important fact to remember - many businesses are facing a critical shortage of staff due to jabbed people sick/dying/dead plus the large numbers of 'jab hesitant'. We will see a lot more success stories like this one. Stand FIRM.

I love the French people - look at them picnicking in the street, boycotting jab-only restaurants. This is how you FIGHT BACK. It is peaceful, it is to the point and it hurts the ignorant business owners in their pockets.

Light Warrior Charlie Kirk gives a scathing talk to the Scottsdale Unified School Board. It wants to mandate masks for children, going directly against the state's policy. Notice how cowardly those board members look, hiding behind their masks. We need to protect our children. We need to FIGHT BACK against such despicable attitudes for them. It's too late for the board members.

Just a reminder that one of my other favorite truthers, Major Patriot is ONLY on Gab. Any other account is fake.

Finally, I don't know how the rest of you Light Warriors are faring, but I am finding 3D issues like food and clothing even more challenging than usual. I don't like most of my clothes for various reasons. And meals are prepared because my body needs fuel, not because I want to eat. As a dear friend says, I am just explaining, not complaining!

I am gaining a lot of comfort and strength from being connected to local Light Warriors. Several months ago I put in a big effort to get involved in local networks because I was feeling physically isolated. I have a great on-line community but there is nothing like a bear hug when the craziness reaches fever pitch.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Great to see the French and NYC folks standing up, or sitting down!!

  2. I was so thrilled to see the French people sitting down outside those cafes - it sends a BIG message to the rest of the world. And NYC people protesting on the streets at last. Change is coming...!

  3. I love all your posts. My day is not complete without them. It's the last thing I do before going to bed here in Phoenix AZ. Found this video on food shortages. Have you come across this yet? https://www.facebook.com/scott.stephenson.9/videos/375242154205109

  4. Hi Mogie. Thank you so much for your lovely comment - you made my day! No, I haven't seen this video. I will check it out shortly after I eat dinner. Thank you for sending it. Love and Light to you.

  5. Mogie, I didn't even make it to dinner...! I watched the video immediately. Totally riveting. It will be top billing on my post tonight. Thank you - much appreciated.

  6. I'm having a hard time eating, too. I am vegan, mostly...except for some Parmesan cheese. 😃 I also eat the same foods over and over...so there's a threadbare look to my creations. Then, after I eat I feel lousy with bloat. haha

    I agree with you about clot-shot hesitant people being called back to work. Companies will not be able to produce and remain viable with dead or sick employees. And I'll bet the execs don't get the jab. You wouldn't believe who is the "head" of the company where I work. (Read: DS) But I get to work from home! Yay!

    Love and Light, Sierra!

  7. I look forward to having my morning coffee and reading your wonderful uplifting words and then the bubble pops and I have to go to work and face masked fearful peopleThe teachers and the parents rally not to have masks in the school 75% of them did not want their children wearing masks the school board decided to let them unbelievably make choices for their own children then went behind the parents back and made it a dress code The madness of it all,it's like an old piece of chewing gum I just wanna spit it out because it's getting harder and harder and lost all its taste and value.

  8. Queenbld, I know exactly what you mean. I read all your lovely comments, uplifting emails, then put on my walking shoes and head out. There will be someone, on a beautiful warm sunny day, walking along wearing a mask. And there it is - back into the crazy world. Thank goodness I made the decision to focus on the positive unmasked people. I have enjoyed some lovely chats with unmasked walkers, made new contacts - and I get to pat an endless stream of cute dogs!
    Your old chewing gum analogy is priceless! Love and Light to you.

  9. Greetings dear Sierra.
    First, I want to mention my 1st language is French.
    It is said that in the higher realms we eat because we feel like it, not because we need to.
    So we are in transition. I'm 62. Like many, I was raised to eat my animal brethren and I used to enjoy it. Then I started to read Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov in 1994 and began questioning about it. I adopted a rabbit in March 1996 and one week after I told him: "I ate some like you, this is where it stops." Then over the years I was in relationship with guys who were not on the same vibratory level and I "adapted" reluctantly to their way of eating. All were really stressful, even violent. I've been on my own with my beautiful and beloved 14-yr old now cat since 2016 and eating to, as you say, fuel my physical vehicle. I have CFS, FM and other ailments and most of the time I don't feel like cooking. It's been some time now that I could easily go without eating for lack of appetite, and pleasure I must add, because it tires me and makes me feel bloated and I fart a lot so it's not a fun part of my experience. But I do need to eat, one, fruits and vegetables so I don't develop colds or worse (we don't catch viruses from other people, it is now clearly said by medical experts), and two, proteins so I can sleep at night and God knows I need my sleep to be able to function a minimum and get through my days without being too lethargic and weak. I made lots of shelf provisions the last year for me and my cat so I have enough for several months and I enjoy shopping for grocery.
    As for my clothes, they're ok but I have to change several times a day because of my switching to being too hot or too cold. It's very annoying and time consuming.
    I too enjoy connecting with like-hearted people like you. I feel like we are much the same at heart, Sierra. I have unconditional love for all sentient beings and wish them the very best. I have the sensitivity of Yeshua I was told, 25 years ago. I experienced being Source itself, Love itself, where there is no-thing, no mind, no thought, no expectation, only pink, and music, back in 1994, and that is where all changed for me and I became very compassionate for humanity and, again, all sentient beings. I was given this name (Sarah Shiddian) in a dream in 2009 (could be Thiddian) but I was not sure and I picked Shiddian. I was also told that I am the commander of a mothership and one of few full incarnations of Archangel Metatron, several years ago. In 2009 I also had 'metatronic energy' come to me in a dream and I remembered having an encounter with a ET, on Venus I think. I posted a drawing on my Facebook page. I was supposed to be channelling Yeshua but I guess They know it would exhaust the little energy I have doing it.
    I could go on and on but you have enough now to know a bit about who I am. Feel free to share or ask any question. I will anser to the best of my knowledge and ability. I wish you well and thank you for what you do for humanity. HUGZ.

    1. Forgot to mention that I was a Chinese in my previous incarnation, living in France (saw myself in a dream around 1996) and was a student of Aivanhov at the Bonfin. He spoke to me via a medium/healer 7 times in 1996/97, saying we had reunited our energies. I recognized myself in his teachings.

    2. Hi Sarah
      I really enjoyed reading your chatty message. I so relate to you regarding food - and clothes. Like you, I get changed several times throughout the day because I am either too hot or cold. And it IS annoying. I am constantly wondering what to wear when I leave the house because I can't control the temperature in other environments. Layers, layers, layers.
      I have connections to Metatron, and Sananda on Venus. I believe that Venus is my home planet, although the entire multiverse is my Home.
      Thank you for sharing - much Love and Light to you.

    3. Well you see me happy with your reply and what you shared, Sierra. It confirms my intuition we are very much alike. I did not mention it but I was told by Mary of the Incarnation in 1996 that I am a child of Venus, a child of Love (not the love with lower l of my biological parents which I never felt). As for my body, the "normal" temperature is between 35.5 and 36.5. I don't do well in hot or cold and could die of hypothermia very rapidly (35.0 and below). Those who don't sweat do ok and it's never too hot for them but those who do, like me, don't. I've been reading Starship Big Picture for many months now and you on Dinar Chronicles as long as you started. Been following about the RV since 2013 on DC. Molly on BP was happy to know you share her thoughts on your newsletters when I mentioned it to her in a comment.
      As I said, we could chat for days. I wish you well. I hope NZ parents will keep their precious children at home instead of sending them to schools where they will get jabbed forcefully. It breaks my heart.
      As Kim Clement prophesied, the Cabal falls in the fall and The People will be happy by Christmas, in 2021. It is also said that by this time next year life will have changed tremendously. I wish I had a friend like you in my neighborhood. I know at some point you and I will be mentors to many. We also will get help ourselves. It will be a joyous time for me. At last. Be well. Much Love and Light to you.


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