Audit Results - Now What...??

The audit results are out and they clearly prove that the election was stolen from President Trump. The big questions now are - What happens next...?' 'And when...??'

Firstly, here is President Trump's statement about the audit...

CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and other Lamestream Media are feeding large-scale misinformation to the public about the Arizona Audit. The Audit was a big win for democracy and a big win for us. Shows how corrupt the Election was. Arizona State Senate hearing going on now and the information about what took place is terrible—a bigger Scam even than anticipated! (President Trump)

Secondly, here is a graphic that proves President Trump's win, based on the audit results.

Political journalist Brian Cates summarizes the audit result...

That audit report did exactly what it was supposed to do: show enough forensic evidence of massive violations of AZ state election laws as well as thousands of cases of vote fraud, in order to trigger a full investigation of Maricopa County by the State Attorney General.

Wendy Rogers posted a letter from 41 legislators requesting an ALL states election audit. 

So in answer to the question of 'What happens next...?' The Arizona election gets de-certified...all other states quickly do their audits and are also de-certified...criminal investigations and mass arrests. 

That leaves the second question of 'When..?' We Light Warriors would like to see it done yesterday. Exhaustion does not begin to describe our current state. And it could be that we might get blessed with our wish.

Here are some important dates coming up...
Oct 2nd   -   President Trump said to pray for 21 days. That time period ends October 2nd.
Oct 28th  -   Four year anniversary of the first Q drop.
Nov 3rd   -   Anniversary of 2020 election, and possibly Hillary Clinton's arrest.

Cowboyw2b has a Cue link between President Trump and Red October. Watch this space...

The Naval Institute tweeted a reference to Sean Connery last night at 11:07.
11.7 = Anniversary of Red October
Q drop, with a 1 year delta TODAY, includes a picture of Trump in place of Sean Connery on a Hunt for Red October movie poster.



I saw this headline in a [D]eep [S]tate NZ newspaper yesterday - about paracetamol causing infertility. Women have been taking paracetamol for decades. Why suddenly now..?? WE know why. Pure evil.

Finally, a stirring message from an American to his Aussie brothers and sisters. UNITY.

Please continue to hold the line, World Patriots. This is the gnarly part of the Alliance plan. We know there are rainbows and unicorns on the way for humanity - but before then we have to negotiate some pretty wild rapids in our little Light kayaks. Look out for your fellow kayakers. Send virtual hugs if you cannot hug them in person.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. And don’t forget my recent dream saying “Trump Oct 3”!!

  2. Indeed...! Blog readers, the dream is significant - Applegoddess has some amazing dreams.

    1. Since we’re talking about dreams, I had a dream a while ago where I saw the night sky filled with UFOs, shimmering in every color of the rainbow, twirling and swooping and zipping around, as if performing a choreographed show. I was stunned into silence, my jaw literally hanging open as I thought to myself, “This is actually happening...” After a few moments I scrambled for my phone so I could record the light ships dancing in the sky, and then I woke up. I definitely felt disappointed when I realized it was a dream, but it could be prophetic.

    2. It could easily be prophetic. That time is coming! Have you heard of rainbow starships? They sit fairly low in the sky and don't move. They flash red and green lights. I see them regularly. Your dream was wonderful and definitely a sign of things to come...

  3. I'm feeling really, really good right now. Divine timing!! Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. I am so pleased you are feeling really good, Jan. So do I - there is a sense of 'rightness' about everything, even though we cannot see around the corner. Love and Light to you!

  4. Lot of MSM lying going on out there. 😡

    1. You should see the NZ MSM coverage of the Aussie protests. FULL of lies. It's sickening that the bulk of our population believes this evil propaganda. I can't wait for the truth to be revealed.
      Oh, and our Kiwi 90% Vaccinated campaign is SPONSORED by the NZ Herald....!!!

  5. I printed a message from Canada's Head of State, Romana Didulo, on Telegram. She says that "if you suddenly notice different colors of clouds in the sky on a clear day, it could be because there are battles in the sky between our Intergalactic Federation Forces of light beings and the other side. Our brothers and sisters of the Intergalactic Federation of Light create these clouds so that Humans below don't freak out when suddenly they look up and see fires shooting across the skies." The following is one link about her.

    What happens next is tonight's Georgia rally! Perhaps we'll get more answers to our questions.

    1. Thanks for sharing this DD. Fascinating information about the ships fighting in the sky. Love it!


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