Beautiful Message from the Galactics

 This beautiful message from the Galactics uplifted me immensely. The channeled message came via Elena Danaan. It is only five minutes. If it resonates with you, please find a quiet few minutes and watch it from your heart. There is so much in it to soothe the heart of a weary Light Warrior.

'Our children and grandchildren will remember us and honor us for our sacrifice, for our courage and for not having lost HOPE during the times of the deepest, scariest, harshest darkness.'

'Love is the greatest weapon...Stop kneeling, stop complaining and stand up. Face it...The whole Galaxy trusts in you, so trust in yourself. Know who you are. You are AMAZING. Stand up.'

On this warm Spring day, do constructor workers want to be wearing a mask outdoors for nine hours a day? No. Does the retail worker want to wear a mask in an already stuffy shop for nine hours a day? No. Humanity does NOT WANT to be treated in this inhumane manner.

It is up to us Light Warriors to continue to have hope during 'the deepest, scariest, harshest darkness.' What a great description of what we are experiencing right now.

Always remember - you are not alone. We have so much support on and off planet. Light Warrior numbers are growing exponentially. Several weeks ago there were twelve of us standing holding out signs about the jab. Last week there were 24 of us. The numbers doubled in just three weeks. This is the Great Awakening.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Loved Elena Danaan's message. Much needed at this time. ๐Ÿ˜Š Love and Light, Sierra!


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