Cue: Mickey Mouse Clock

This post by Relentless Truth is VERY interesting. As many of you know, I was a Cue commentator from the first drop. The Mickey Mouse clock has always intrigued the Anons. And here is a big nod to a date: 2nd October.

Lets talk about the Mickey Mouse clock.

What an enigma. Nobody ever figured it out.

However the clock fascinated me, partly because of a crazy coincidence.

Back before the twitter purge, I would occasionally receive a comm or a message from people like General Flynn or Lin Wood. As a worn out digital soldier, those things will keep you going.

I was never "Q'd", however I did have some pretty cool synchronicities and nods from Q.

Quite possibly the weirdest of those synchronicities occurred in September of 2020.

On September 13th I was watching Full Metal Jacket. The iconic scene where the Marines sing the Mickey Mouse song came on.

It spoke to me for some reason and so I decided to tweet "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E".

THREE days later, Q posts the Mickey Mouse clock.

I of course flipped out.

The community spent weeks attempting to decode the clock. Many people theorized that the hands at 10 and 2 signified October 2nd as an important date. Months went by and the hype around the clock fizzled.

We were so focused on the clock that we never considered it would be a delta.

Fast forward to September 11th 2021.

President Trump asked the nation to pray for 21 days.

Very specific. This time period would run from September 11th through OCTOBER SECOND.


Which brings us to the drop below.

"Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG happenings are going to take place."

Sep 11th - October 2nd = 21 days
Number of ticks on the clock from 10 to 2= 21

Now consider how much has happened since September 11th and that we were asked to track events and pray.

- Milley news
- AUKUS agreement
- Durham's 1st indictment
- Audit results coming on the 24th
- FDA denies booster
- Rigged recall election in CA (WATCH CA)
- Trump throwing haymakers
- Trump telling Raffensperger to decertify

Is the Mickey clock currently counting down?

Sure seems that way...

Lets see what happens.


  1. Looking forward to October 2nd!!! Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Me too, Jan. Me toooooo...! Love and Light to you.

  2. Woooooooo! Things are taking Off!!!

  3. Hello Sierra,
    I'm so looking forward to everyday of the 21 days cause it will be a different happening each day. Maybe I can get all these people off my back that have been treating me like I'm a nutcase. They will be wanting to know what is going on then. Nutcase no more. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who feels the same way. All light warriors out there put a smile on your face we know what's coming Thanks Sierra again for all your hard work for all of us. Randy

    1. Hi Randy. Yep, I hear you. Nutcase no more. I can't wait! I think we will be too busy reassuring the dazed people around us to be concerned about, 'I told you so...' Although I am sure our friends Upstairs won't blame us if we are THINKING it...!
      Love and Light to you.

  4. One thing that has always intrigued me about the clock is the 1st 8 minute marks on that clock are RED in color????
    #17 doesn't just arbitrarily do anything. Everything has meaning. Those RED ticks mean something
    A couple other mentionables for that "things that have happened list". I'm not a 'popculture' type. Heck, I don't even have a TV in my house, but I did hear about the Joe Rogan & Nicki Minaj red pills.

    1. You are absolutely right - everything has meaning in Cue world. It's awesome about Joe Rogan and Nicki Minaj. Celebrities like them have a huge impact on people. The Great Awakening.

  5. So my dream of “Trump Oct 3” fits nicely with Oct 2!!

  6. The flower clock hands at Neverland is also on 10 and 2 inside the Q...there was an aerial view of which I do not think I can find again, but...

    1. I guess someone must have snapped a shot of it when it was on 10 and 2...
      it apparently is a working clock...

    2. Wow, that is very cool about the Neverland clock. So many connections! Thank you, my friend.

  7. Hello Sierra Much Love and Light to You Beautiful truth warrior
    hope your able to check this out God Bless You

    15th September, 2021 - This is Albert Spence, a 31-year pulmonary nurse veteran, now no longer working as a practicing nurse due in large part to the changes in the hospitals' Covid policy. It is chilling to watch how Albert Spence came to realize that he was aiding and abetting the demise of patients under his care, due to the change in Covid policy - specifically the PCR Test.
    Original Source : ( @ 02:44:50 )

    1. Thank you, I aim to watch most videos recommended by people - I hope to get to watch this too. Life is getting very busy! Love and Light to you.

  8. Hello Sierra from my neck of the woods in England
    ‘We Don’t Want You… Trump Won’ Protesters Tell Nancy Pelosi in North of England
    Alexa N. September 19, 2021

    Pelosi was greeted by loud and angry English protesters who chanted, “Trump won!” “You’re not welcome here” “We don’t want you!… The whole world knows that Trump won the 2020 election!”

    More protesters, “Repent! Jesus is coming for you Nancy.”


    1. Oh, this video is wonderful, love it! Cue always said, 'They won't be able to walk down the street.' We have definitely arrived at that point in the game. Love and Light to you.

  9. Hello Sierra Much Love and Light to you
    This is AWESOME news article
    The master plan behind the Covid crisis
    September 20, 2021

    1. Thank you - I look forward to reading it! Love and Light to you.

  10. Absolutely! How amazing to have such a prophetic dream. Go you...!

  11. Yes the Mickey Clock always intrigued me! 10 and 2 wow I was getting frustrated wanting action wanting justice for all who have been hurt by the vax and the other false flags.. let's go!

  12. I think we have not got long to wait now. Durham is underway - the D5 avalanche is unstoppable. Love and Light to you!


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