Friday 10th September is USA National Student Walkout Day - students can stay home from school, or walk out at 10am in protest over mask and jab mandates. Brilliant.

Sorry, now for the sad stuff - and lately there has been far too much of it. But we need to HEAR these stories. These are our fellow Light Warriors who are sacrificing careers, even their lives, for freedom.

This five-minute video is heart-breaking. An ethics professor gives her last lecture because she refused the jab. We will remember her sacrifice.
A shocking story of a woman trapped in Sydney - she is unemployed because she won't get the jab and has no way of paying her mortgage. She said she would rather die than live trapped the way she is at present. We Light Warriors MUST find a way to help Australia. These are our brothers and sisters. 

[B]iden is introducing sweeping draconian mandates to trap the 100 million Americans who are refusing the jab. Do not be dismayed - this could be part of the Alliance strategy where they give him enough rope to hang himself. Read the whole article for the full story.

Love the comment on this post about [B]iden talking about his patience wearing thin with the un-jabbed.

As of writing this post, nineteen USA States are suing [B]iden over the mandates.

Major Patriot has an interesting take on [B]iden's mandates - Creepy Joe is avoiding some BIG dates that will not bode well for the [D]eep [S]tate.

This Biden Vaccine Mandate announcement is a major diversion from his real problem: on 30 Sep the GOVERNMENT WILL SHUT DOWN without a continuing resolution and...
...on 15 Oct the United States RUNS OUT OF MONEY without a debt ceiling increase.
PATRIOTS HOLD THE LINE -- the answer is NO & NO to both

Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab is right: HOLD YOUR GROUND. This is the hill we fight on. They cannot arrest EVERY jab resister worldwide.

The Australian horror story continues...There is a limit on alcohol consumption for people in isolation in apartment buildings. Police are SEARCHING bags and parcels. There are no words.

Great advice on how to avoid the mandates. BAND TOGETHER - find your tribe.

I LOVE this guy. He will NOT bow down to the [D]eep [S]tate. FIGHTING BACK.

Finally, Relentless Truth with a great summary of [B]iden's last ditch effort to entrap people. 

I know it seems like all hell is breaking loose, however what you are witnessing is evil's final inhale before its dying breath.

This is the moment. The line that shall not be crossed.

After today's announcement, 10s of millions of Americans will be in a staring contest with their own government.

The Federal sector cannot afford to lose this battle.

Yet they WILL lose. They WILL blink. They WILL cower.

[THEY] are utterly powerless and We The People are about to remind them of that.


I echo the powerful message that resonates throughout this post: DO NOT COMPLY.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Greetings Kiwi Light Warrior !

    Sundance, over at The Last Refuge blog, sums up the entirety of the bio-fascist movement thusly: "Assuming we are the minority group, the non-vaxxed crew breaks down into two broad segments: (1) The extremely well-educated who carry commonsense and are in a social strata where they remain quiet about it; and (2) The skeptical productive class of similarly disposed commonsense blue-collar workers who are the backbone of American productivity."
    We counter by doing what comes natural: THROWING SAND IN THEIR MACHINE!!!!
    Continue to spread your connective conscious 'eternal 8' Light energy ⚡ 🌎

    1. Yes, exactly - we are throwing sand in their machine. Love it! Even just a few handfuls of sand can stop the most powerful machine. We are the irritant that is growing exponentially. They CANNOT ignore us. Oh, and we are WINNING of course!

  2. I've got a feeling this is the Alliance setting up bye-done...again. He gets dumber and dumber. However, good to see Georgia on the list of states suing applesauce brain. Love and Light, Sierra!

  3. Oh, I LOVE Bye-done, Jan. Brilliant! I will use it in a post and accredit it to you. Apple-sauce brain too. Love it! Mocking them might seem 'un-Light Warrior like' but it feels good, doesn't it..??? Love and Light to you, my friend.


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