Good Things Are Happening

Thanks to BP at Starship Earth for the links to the first two exciting videos.

Firstly, a huge protest rally in the Netherlands. We The People. What a thrilling sight. Enjoy.

And secondly, PROOF of the Aussie truck blockade that the Australian government is desperate for you not to see. The video is poor quality but the message is clear. Trucks, trucks and more trucks. Love it.

This little video about a NYC Light Warrior is heart-warming - wonderful music too.

I agree with Major Patriot - stick with this little video to understand the depth of hatred the average American has for [B]iden. The end is near for Creepy Joe.

It is vital to pass this [F]auci mask video around so that people realize the evil hypocrisy of this vile man. 

Great news from Texas Governor: 'Election integrity is now the law in Texas.' One state at a time, integrity will prevail. As Cue said, 'This is not just another four-year election.'

This is very interesting. [B]iden has extended a Trump Executive Order to do with foreign interference in US elections. Hmmm.

It seems that the story about the 27 US military pilots in yesterday's post may be inaccurate. There is a lot of disinformation out there.

Please use your discernment for this story about the current status of the Three Gorges Dam. Watch the Water.

A meme replaces a thousand words. There are a few faces missing, especially from my country.

I am guessing that the answer is Ivermectin. This treatment is so effective, it helped the recovery of someone in my own immediate circle. I'm convinced.

Take a wild guess Patriots.

My friend in Minnesota reports that seven military transport planes landed between 9.30-10.30 last night. 

Finally, a subject that is very exciting for me - ET ambassadors on Earth. Check out the Arcturian channelling at Daniel Scranton's website. I am SO ready for the next phase of my mission as an ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Light. Liaising between our Galactic friends and humanity on Earth is what I came here to do.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I read Daniel Scranton's channeling about ET Ambassadors on Earth and I am all in! Maybe we'll meet up on a ship, Sierra! Love and Light!

  2. Jan, it would be awesome to meet up with you on a ship - although we are probably doing it already at night while we sleep...!!

  3. in our sleep? That would explain the dreams about the spaceship cafeteria, and also the classrooms and library.

    This role is something I have been doing in my dreams already, when I met the Sasquatches race and was asked by an Arcturian to be the human ambassador. Pretty strange stuff, but I look forward to those dreams as well.

    1. I saw myself on a starship bridge many years ago in a dream, long before I became a late in life Trekkie. When I became hooked on Star Trek, I was fascinated to see that the bridge layout was exactly the same as in my dream!

    2. Also, I had an amazing holodeck experience, long before I started watching Star Trek. In a dream, I went into a room and dived into a pool of water full of tropical fish. I didn't feel wet in the water, even though I was wearing my uniform - and when I got out I was instantly dry! It was the most amazing experience.

    3. Yes, agreed that these experiences are most fascinating. I actually read the book "I am Spock" last month. It was awesome because it showed how through developing the character, that Nimoy was able to implement some of the control of emotions in his own life. It made me laugh, and a couple of times it made me cry. But Im glad I read it.

  4. Dear Sierra,
    Indeed, good things are happening!
    You will love this one!!


    Love and Light


  5. Hi Stephan. Snap re Graham Wood's video. I watched it last night and was completely riveted by the courage of this man. I emailed a friend in Sydney and said I want to make an entire post about the video. You have inspired me. I will do it...! Lovely to hear from you.


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