Impeachment Imminent

Will this incident impeach [B]iden - his treasonous conversation with the Afghan president..??

A new add about [B]iden illustrates a clear case for immediate impeachment. DO IT.

Interesting poll result about which US President is most responsible for the historical mess in Afghanistan.

Anons are speculating that the expensive US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan was for the Taliban to use to destroy the CIA poppy fields. In other words, a White Hat operation. Apparently, the vehicles were all fully-gassed and had keys in the ignition.

Pfizer has produced a pill that must be taken twice a day along with their poisonous jab. An anti-coagulant to prevent blood clotting...??

The truth if it was a REAL pandemic...

Fact: In a real pandemic, people would be killing each other in order to get their hands on the vaccine. Instead, people are ready to give up their livelihoods to avoid it.

Check out the world leaders as they really are. We are expected to believe that the fresh-faced kid is the real Canadian PM..? Give me a break.

Sad news - Project Veritas HQ was destroyed in the recent New York flood. There is a link to send financial aid.

An Aussie Light Warrior calls for help from fellow Light Warriors around the world.

And this is why he is calling for help - Australia is pushing for direct control over social media usage. Shocking.

South Australia takes it a step further with facial recognition and tracking. Truly shocking.

I saw a post from an Anon calling on Aussies to utilize mass non-compliance. What people in the northern hemisphere fail to understand is we just don't have the population numbers here Down Under. Sydney and Melbourne went full Gestapo before their citizens understood what was happening. And here in sparsely populated New Zealand, we haven't got enough awake people to protest on a large scale. Yet. Our farmers are mighty mad, so large protests are definitely simmering in the background waiting to explode.

Finally, our brilliant Babylon Bee. Love it!

White House Solves Budget Crisis By Renting Out Ad Space On Biden's Back

Keep a positive approach to the situation, Light Warriors. It may seem crazy at times but this movie was designed to awaken the sleepers - not educate the already awake.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light 


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  2. I agree with the Anon's perspective on the "Cure." It proves that more and more people are waking up. Finally. Love and Light, Sierra! πŸ˜„

    (Sorry about the above post. I pushed the wrong button. haha)

    1. I just read Valerie Donner's message from Apollo and Mira. She said that 61% of Light Warriors are now activated, and it was less than 20% only a few months ago. Our numbers are growing exponentially. WE are the majority now, and no longer silent. Yay...!! Love and hugs to you, Jan.

  3. Impeachment is scary as of now. Is it Kamala or Nancy??? Remember Nancy pushing the resolution on removing a President due to health issues etc last fall????

  4. I think the military will step in. They had to exhaust all options first to wake up humanity. It will be clear that NONE of the Congress is honest. Cue said that 98% of Congress will be removed. It's going to be very interesting, but I don't feel it will be scary. Love and Light to you.

  5. The director of this movie really needs to get a shake-a-long. It's starting to drag.. Lol πŸΏπŸŽ¬πŸ“½πŸŽž

  6. If there is one thing that we Light Warriors can all agree on, it is this: End this movie, already...!!!


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