Important Date: 30th September

Ben Fulford's latest newsletter is very interesting. It discusses a possible [D]eep [S]tate surrender before 30th September. It's an important date - USA must pay up or default on its massive debt before then. There is also intel about the Aussie situation. Please use your discernment, as always.

This article is sobering reading. We know the 'science' behind what is happening with the jab so this information - thousands of unexplained deaths in UK - is no surprise.

Direct testimony from a grocer with 50 years experience about supply-chain food shortages. Stock up. I am re-stocking my supplies tomorrow. And note the reason for the food shortages - STAFF shortages. Refer back to the previous article for explanation. The entire DS narrative is laid out in plain sight for those with eyes to see.

Wow. Check out the companies that the US Senate is supporting financially. 
The [B]iden administration cannot enforce the business jab mandates. As Major Patriot says, it is all a ruse.

BREAKING: The White House just admitted OSHA has not produced legally enforceable requirements for vaccine mandates in the private sector. Further, the Biden Administration cannot say if or when that will happen.
It's all a big ruse.
My lovely blog reader friend Bev loves her weekly card games with fellow retirees. She is proudly not jabbed. The young guy running the card tournaments phoned each group member to see who had been jabbed (SO against the Bill of Human Rights). The results came back that 97% of the group had been double-jabbed. Only one of the 35 members was not jabbed. Guess who...! The little Gestapo agent is now asking for jab certificates as proof. I asked Bev what she will do. She said, 'Nothing. I will just not go and they can sweat it out...' Love it.

So many stories of friends and family members caving in and submitting to the jab due to job commitments. We live in a war zone, my friends. There is no doubt about it. 

More words of wisdom from blog reader Phud...

What if you were a clergy person. Suddenly you come to the stark realization of the depth of the lie of your vocation. Suddenly the Universe reveals to you that you have been an unwitting leader within an organization that worships the very enemy you denounce. Suddenly you realize that all the creeds, hymns and rituals were energetically casting against the very flock you're suppose to lead.

Now, take that thought process out to EVERYTHING. The depth of the subterfuge is almost incomprehensible and worse, it has been inescapable on the Earth plane for a very long time.

Final word today goes to blog reader Tim who left this comment on a previous post...

Utterly devastating at one level. But ultimately totally liberating on another. Sometimes I wonder which is worse. To have been awake for 40 yrs or for my family and friends whose heads may well explode from the cognitive dissonance. I can’t answer that or why I’ve been awake all these years, beating my head against a brick wall. All I do know, is that it is a distinct pleasure to finally have some company on this journey.

Tim, as a 36 year veteran of this journey, I hear you. It is so good to have company now after many years of isolation. Thank God for fellow Light Warriors!

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. My journey started 32 years ago. What a ride! That's why people reading your posts, Sierra, will be much needed when "every lie is revealed." Love and Light!

  2. You and I will have some stories to share when we get together, Jan. Three decades! Hugs to you, my friend.

  3. Hi Sierra Much Love and Light to You

    Rayviolet blogspot Benjamin Fulford full report every Tuesday's
    “Biden” Controllers Sue for Peace After Secret East/West Agreement
    Benjamin Fulford's
    Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
    September 27, 2021

    1. Thanks so much for the tip about Ben Fulford's full report. I usually get it sent to me by friends. I decided to include the partial report to get it out there asap.
      Much Love and Light to you.

  4. Dear Sierra, just today I read a wonderful description of possible timelines for our mother earth. It is in German, but easy to understand with a translation program.I hope you enjoy reading it and I look forward to see you all again in the future in the 5th dimension (no matter when, because time does not matter, riht!!). With all my love, light and truth!
    Here is the link:

    1. Thank you, it sounds very interesting! I have made a note to check it out in the next few days. With Love and Light to you.

  5. I woke up in 2013, at age 17 (turning 26 this year). I believe I had a walk-in during the 2012 gateway, because I had some inexplicable personality changes out of nowhere just a few months later. I think my Higher Self Anael stepped in and was working alongside the piece of my soul that was already embodied. Now I have two people, my husband and best friend, who are awake with me.

    1. It's lovely to meet someone who woke up while still very young. And how blessed you are to have your husband and best friend awake with you. Love and Light to you.

  6. Hi Sierra much Love and Light to you

    Hope you can check this video thanks

    1. Thank you, my friend - links are always welcome. Love and Light to you.

  7. Hopefully now, Australia will not be a trophy for the Chinese Communists to take over. Poor Daniel Andrews is between a rock and a hard place. I wonder how much Yuan he has acquired over the years?

    1. It's weak-minded people like him who were able to be bribed and bought by the DS. Money won't be any good to him now. I feel confident that Australia and New Zealand will emerge from this final battle triumphantly. I have read over the years that USA, Aust and NZ will be the spiritual hubs of the New Earth.


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