No Deals With [D]eep [S]tate

There is buzz going around that the [D]eep [S]tate players are making deals with the Alliance. I agree with Queen Romana - no deals. Cue always said there would be no deals.

Let's get something clear. No one has made any deals with the Deep State Cabal. Whomever is talking about deals is either a Cabal minion or is Cabal-Deep State Operative. #NoDeals (Queen Romana, Canada)

I have only watched the start of this hour long interview with Lin Wood. It promises to deliver some great truth bombs. The sound is a bit muffled at his end and he has a strong Southern accent but persevere. This man is IN THE KNOW.

During the interview, Lin Wood discusses the Durham investigation. Here is a reminder of the extent - and importance - of the Durham investigation that is now underway. BOOM.

The Document of God was widely circulated among the Truther community. It is under scrutiny because of the many errors in it, indicating a less than professional author. As I always state, please use your discernment. I post information on this blog for your interest. It is up to each of us to listen to our hearts and decide whether something resonates or not. Poor writing is always a red flag for me.

BP at Starship Earth discussed in her latest newsletter how some Light Warriors are losing heart and falling back. She urges us to fight on...'Nothing matter more than the truth - even when it hurts.' (BP Starship Earth). I agree. Light is information/truth. We Light Warriors came here to spread the Light/Truth to awaken humanity.

This message from Praying Medic is indeed ironic.

Archbishop Vigano has a new message condemning the Vatican and Catholic Church. He is heroic, and virtually a lone Light Warrior voice in the religious world.

The Vatican shows its true colors. Pure evil. It is the vulnerable in society who rely on the (corrupt) church for hope and spiritual sustenance during desperate times.

You can't get into heaven without a vaccine now...

Finally, a stark pictorial reminder of the [D]eep [S]tate agenda for humanity. Please don't support Amazon.

We Light Warriors know the extent of evil and corruption on this planet. Do the poor Italians who are now denied worship at the Vatican - or the poverty-stricken people who live in the shadow of the giant Mexican Amazon distribution center - understand WHY they are suffering? They do not. But WE do. We must fight on their behalf, my friends. Never give up. Never.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Lin Wood: BOOM! He goes there!
    Take care, Sierra!!

    1. Hi Jan. It's raining today so I will have time to watch the rest of the video. Looking forward to it! Hugs to you.

  2. Sierra, have you seen this? Being from the US, I'm unfamiliar with this man, but I hope he's someone who has accurate info.


    1. Hi there. I put a link to his announcement on a previous post. He seems like the real deal to me. Tarot by Janine did a reading on him - I read the comments below that video from Aussies who all trust him. Thank goodness for a Light Warrior politician!

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  4. Greetings Sierra.
    I saw you agreed with BP's comment about "flagged spirits". It was based on the comments she said. It was of of mine. Feel free to read it Sep 19, plus the addendum in the reply, which I posted Sep 20 before I read what BP wrote.
    I posted on her website both world news and about the spiritual side of our ascension. If you read like I do from our Brethren of the Light, it is important to focus on what we want for this world, raise our vibrations and be the Love, the Light and the Truth. With that in mind, I shared a bit of how I've been feeling, also based on BP's feelings as well. I know many can relate.
    I cannot watch/hear a living being being molested, attacked, tortured, etc. anymore. Even a baby getting shots after shots and ignorant parents letting the happen is too much for me... I stopped watching animal documentaries decades ago because of that. I watched a short clip with Podesta molesting a child for adrenochrome. A few others too. They are still in my mind and I can see ALL trafficked children going through that and more, in my mind, and I feel so so so sorry... Far from the joy I need to reach. It lowers my vibrations because I don't need that to know what compassion is and I don't need to see everything that happened on earth to know how evil it's been. We can dig for years and years and find new horrors every single day.
    Many may and do need to watch those videos, hear those children, human beings and animals scream, cry, get tortured, eaten, what have you, to "be hurt" as BP wrote, so their hearts open and they find the compassion. At one point they too will feel what I feel. That happened to me a long time ago. So when I am told my spirit is flagged she has no idea what she is talking about. I am not weak, I am one of the strongest souls on this earthplane and my only goal has been to liberate humanity from the shackles of the dark. At least since 1993. My life has been very difficult, I feel a lot of stress due to emf, densities, lo vibrations, etc. I am weak physically with cfs but that will change and I will be the leader that I AM soon enough.
    So from now on I choose to follow the inspiration as to what I read and where I read it. I unsubscribed from several alt news websites. I am focusing more on my Ascension now, on the New Golden Age for Humanity. I feel good with my decision. No need to say I'm excited with the coming turn of global events. It will be sweet and sour for many will not make it but we will win. Warriors fight till the end, in each their own way. Some with guns and some with love.
    Be well. (smile)


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