President Trump Moves His HQs

President Trump is moving his political HQs back to Mar-del-Lago. As Major Patriot says, there is a SCIF there (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). Top security facility. It sounds as if he is getting prepared for the final strike. BOOM.

President Trump is strongly urging the Texas Governor to do an election audit: 'It must be done this week.'

Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers has collected ONE MILLION signatures to decertify the Arizona election after tomorrow's audit results. A true Light Warrior hero.

 RSBN is broadcasting the Arizona audit results tomorrow. Here are details for tuning in...

Meanwhile, as expected, there was a false flag shooting to distract from the audit. Look here not there.

[B]iden is pushing the military to the limit - threatening dishonourable discharges for jab refusers. This could be the impetus that tips the military over the precipice.

A sad reminder of a deadly combination - the jab and hospitals. Avoid at all costs.

Amazingly, CNN is finally telling the TRUTH about hospital admissions of jabbed people. Dark to Light.

Winning news - the Supreme Court has ruled against Dominion in the Rudy Giuliani case.

This little video has nothing to do with jabs/masks etc. It's just a whole lot of cute wholesome fun.

Finally, Cowboyw2b at Anonup with a pic from the White House live cam from tonight - GOLD.

Have you got your popcorn stocked up for tomorrow's Arizona audit? President Trump urging Texas to do an audit 'this week' could be a sign that the Alliance plan is moving up a gear. We are ready. Boy, are we ready!

I did reply to the blog comments from yesterday - I apologize if I inadvertently missed a response. Reading the comments and responding made me very grateful for this little community of brave Light Warriors. Many of you are isolated but you stay positive and keep holding your beacon of Light high for humanity.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2. a beautiful hello to you Sierra I do not know if you have read this but me it makes me laugh to the extreme, Para Kas-Vetter: Alert, Alert, Concerning the Police!
    Friday September 24th 2021, 01: 3638

    Disclosure of transaction | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

    Submitted September 23, 2021

    ALERT ALERT concerning the Police !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We must IMMEDIATELY quarantine ALL police officers who have attended unvaccinated protests. We also need to sting ALL police officers to make sure they are all protected IMMEDIATELY as they just found a protester very heavily infected with the virus in Melbourne !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL Police Officers Must Quarantine Immediately Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For their safety and that of the communities. And they need to be vaccinated because they themselves are obviously very concerned about the need to be vaccinated and quarantined. We must first think of the police.

    This should be easy to do as they just built the quarantine camps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Important message: ALL police officers who are still on the run must make sure to use their track tracing (QR) before approaching a protester.

    Police officers are not exempt, are they ????????

    Para Kas-Vetter.
    ........... and I want you to also know that even if I don't send you comments often I follow you, every day, You and starship ... I am Sylvain du Q -Quebec canada again a big thank you to you I give you a BIG CALIN from the other side of the world.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Sylvain. Yes, I did read this brilliant piece by Para. It's so clever - and of course very true. Thank you for your loyal readership, it is greatly appreciated. Love and Light to you, my friend.

  3. Needed that vid! HAHA

    I'm happy to say that my signature is one of the ONE MILLION!

    I firmly believe that the people of the world are "The Storm." So, so ready!

    Love and Light, Sierra!!

    1. It is so cool that you signed the petition! And indeed - the people of the world rising up IS the Storm. As Cue says, Nothing Can Stop What Is coming. It is the TRUTH.
      Love and Light and hugs, Jan.

  4. Hello again I am sending you something that you will like I am sure I have a video this morning that talks about chlorine dioxide I am sending you the recipe so that you can give it to others and even for yourself https: // .... you will find the recipe a little further down the page. and a super big thank you to you I give you a super big hug, and full love for you and everyone you love and appreciate. Sylvain and lots of kisses.

    1. Hello Fellow Canadian! I too am a longtime fan of Chlorine dioxide, a group of us in Alberta have inadvertently been helping out with it, more & more every day. Dr Andreas Kalcker is an amazing chlorine dioxide advocate & researcher,
      great website here -

      Shine on :^)

    2. Hi Sylvain and Pip. It's great that you two fellow Canadians are connecting. Awesome! Jordan Sather has been advocating chlorine dioxide for years. Thank you Sylvain for sending the recipe. Love and Light to you both.

  5. Well AZ audit shows alot of fraud 60000 duplicate ballots .. the issue is the mainstream media controls the narrative.
    I am a bit heavy hearted as it appears we cant swim upstream and prevail here. Will Senate decertify?? I had hoped this wld be a major catalyst per Q and the clock and all that.. I worry we may be the fools.. I have been optimistic for several years now and I should've just been living my life too much invested in the truth it has made me jaded and unhappy with my life and with no event or galactic dominos falling what more can we do?? Doug

    1. state legislators from several states have written a letter to the american people, requesting that we demand a U.S. House vote. I forget the relevant amendment, but it would be 1 vote per state each rep required to vote based along party lines. This would result in a victory for Trump. I believe this to be the next step, since the path has always been to remain constitutional.

    2. HI Tim and Doug
      I have complete faith in the unfolding of the Alliance plan. The thing is, it SEEMS to be dragging for those of us who have been following it closely on a daily basis for several years. However one day - BOOM! The tide will turn and our heads will spin as truth bombs rain down upon humanity. That day MUST come, and it cannot be too long away.
      Until then, we remain calm and positive. All is well. Love and Light. WE'VE GOT THIS!

  6. blogger deleted my link. WendRogersAZ posted it on telegram

  7. Thanks Tim - I really appreciate you sending the link. I rely on my lovely blog readers to post intel for all of us. Wendy Rogers is doing a superb job. Love and Light to you.


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