President Trump On 9/11

President Trump addressed the nation on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. Note the gold curtains behind him. A tribute to NESARA and the Global Currency Reset that was to have happened on that day - and WILL happen soon.

This is our REAL President - greeting firefighters in New York City on the anniversary of 9/11. Listen to the cheering. It's a sharp contrast to the sporting crowds chanting F*** [B]iden.

This article features PROOF of the connection between Cue and President Trump. Look at the number 17's. Cue followers know it as the Q number (17th letter of alphabet). Love it - and love President Trump.

A reminder of the TRUTH about 9/11 from someone who was there.
Keep up the pressure, World Patriots - it's working. Boris Johnson has back-tracked on jab passports.

This brave nurse recorded a workplace encounter after she was fired without a termination letter.

Pepe Live Matters has a positive summary of the Alliance Plan and President Trump's role. I agree.

I believe Trump and white hats want America and the world to be unified. One of their primary objectives is to bring people together on a common ground. The deep state/black hat actors want the exact opposite. They are pushing the same tired narratives but with fresh twists. Vaccinated or unvaccinated. Race division. Etc.
Before Trump comes back by initiating the storm it would stand to reason that they want as many people on board with his vision for America as possible. He's allowed the black hats to show who they really are, to reveal their true intentions. 2021 has brought the dark into the light. Ultimately this stark contrast is a good thing. Avoiding a civil war while continuing to push the Great Awakening forward appears to have been the best possible path. We are still on track. I have zero doubts and neither should you.

Finally, amazing footage of a rescue operation at a football game. Look at top of the screen. Wow!

I had a surreal experience today. I went shopping. Four weeks ago it would not have been a surreal experience - but then mask/muzzle mandates happened. I wore my mask exemption tag. I did not encounter any resistance from shop staff or customers. I visited a large department store and a mall - hundreds of people - and shockingly I was the ONLY person not wearing a mask. Just me. As I say, surreal. Or should I say sleepers...?

Stay positive, Light Warriors. President Trump's obvious presidential stance today was important timing. Love the gold curtains.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I agree with Pepe Live Matters, too. I am tired, but at peace. And most importantly, I completely trust this divine plan. Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Exhaustion is a common theme for Light Warriors - no wonder we are the bravest of the brave and the strongest of the strong. Love and Light to you, Jan.

  2. Hello Sierra God Bless You Beautiful Light Warrior of truth Much Love & Light to You Always
    Hopeful you have time to check this out Thank You kindly
    SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

    Dr. Douglas Gabriel gives a presentation on the subject, followed by a comprehensive post on the indications Rudolf Steiner made about vaccinations.

    “A great majority of the population looks on with complete indifference as the medical papacy assumes ever greater proportion, worming its way into the most diverse fields – for instance, intervening extensively in children’s education, in school life, and staking a claim here to a certain form of therapy.” Rudolf Steiner, GA 107

    1. Thank you so much for this link - medical papacy indeed. Love and Light to you.

  3. Thank you Sierra! Love and Light! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you - lovely to hear from you! Love and Light my friend.

  5. It is only recently here that I have begun to see more and more people outside without masks, or shopping with them. It is a slow change, but there is going to be a lot of change next week monday 9/20 when the canadian election occurs. I won't be surprised if the liberals try to steal it. Especially when there's video's out there saying F(#& Turdeau.

  6. Yes, the Canadian election is going to be very interesting. It's an important marker in the Alliance operation. We await it with interest. Certainly the amount of F*** Turdeau and Biden is remarkable. It is unprecedented in history.


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