President Trump's Georgia Rally

I watched President Trump's Georgia rally. So much good stuff, but this comment was pivotal and caused the crowd to roar their approval...

'There has never been a concession (conceding election defeat). You know that, right? I can't concede. I can't do it. I have a commitment to you. I can't do it.' (President Trump) 

I agree with Pepe Lives Matter - love this moment in the rally speech where he talked about [B]iden.

President Trump had arranged for 13 empty seats in the front row to honor the soldiers lost during the fall of Kabul. He welcomed local military officer Hunter Clarke to the podium - Clarke pulled a baby over the wall in Kabul. It was an emotional moment.

President Trump on the Democrats...

'The Democrats want to silence me like they've silenced so many others. They want to shut my mouth. The people we are dealing with are evil and angry and they want to destroy our country. I have a mouth that tells the TRUTH, and that wants to save our country.'

President Trump on the media: 'They are among the most corrupt people in this country...They said the election was fine. It is not acceptable.' CNN ratings are down 81%. You can hear the death rattle all the way over here in New Zealand where CNN brain-washes our population in airport terminals.
Two videos out of Aussie. The first I was reluctant to share because it's heart-breaking- but the truth about the Australian Gestapo police force must be shown to the world. This tyranny must NEVER happen again.

This video is unbelievable. I have had several flying lessons and this stunt breaks every rule in the book. But hey, it's Australian military - they don't care about rules.

A former New Zealand police officer has a message for police officers, especially in Aussie.

A meme that reminds us of the evil hypocrisy of the [s]atanists. DO NOT COMPLY.

Finally, a beautiful meme that brought a tear to my eye. Light Warrior parents of young children, you are the best. We honor your determination to protect your children - and ALL children.

That meme depicts the mighty battle we are currently fighting. The [D]eep [S]tate is throwing everything at us in their futile attempt to win. THEY WILL NOT PREVAIL.

Hold the line, World Patriots. President Trump will never concede - and neither will we.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I loved that “I have a mouth” part!!

    Glad you found the ex police video!

    Also there has never been a forensic audit done before in the US!! Till now

  2. Thanks, my friend - and I appreciate now why President Trump had to include the election fraud stats in his rally speech. As you said, the MSM won't cover it.

  3. The DS desperation means we are very close. Red October. Love POTUS Trump!

    Love and Light, Sierra...and big hugs, too! 🤗

    1. I love President Trump too. Red October features so prominently in the Cue drops, it must count for something important in the Alliance Plan. Love and Light to you!

  4. Hi Sierra - You are correct. As a former military Aviator & current GA pilot, the "rules" are very different. Honestly speaking, that video is very cool & that C-17 driver maneuvered very well through that urban zone. I would suggest that could be a practice flight & most likely was purposefully done by White Hat Military.
    We must remember; We are watching "A Movie". I believe this movie EITHER contains many many unwitting actors whom are showing us "viewers" their true colors, which they are then simply flushing themselves out, OR we are viewing White Hat infiltrators mixed with unwitting participants that are acting out their roles which is being watched by the throngs of sleeping sheep across social media platforms around the globe. My bet is on the later.

    Ponder that last paragraph. The old tactics of the Dark are being utilized by the Light to trap & flush out the dark minions all while waking up the sleeping sheeple. Those sheeple are now waking up & realizing they are Lions. I say, "Welcome to the Pride young Lions".

    Trust your faith & your knowing. The Divine Plan is beyond brilliant. Just open your mind to it from your front row seat.

    1. Phud, I appreciate your comment so much, I am going to include it in my upcoming post. Sometimes we need this reminder about the movie. I am very pleased that you wrote the comment to help us all maintain perspective. Very easy to lose it at present...!
      Thanks my friend - and I really like your take on that skyscraper flight. Good guys. Hmm. It was one hell of a piece of flying, wasn't it...?? Love and Light.

  5. If a movie I am ready for credits to roll each day more get jabbed more children get harmed how is that raising the collective consciousness of humanity? Most wont wake up I mean 9ii was an obvious chance and I have friends and family wont listen to anything out their way to question official narrative. Ok the only way most programmed awaken is to take down MSM and run the disclosure movie of they exist. We must show them as most dont do any objective research on their own.
    Doug Idaho

  6. Sierra,

    What was most notable about Trump's statement was that it's always been other people who have stated that there's never been a concession. That was the first time that Trump HIMSELF has brought it up since the election.

    1. I have to say that this fact is what got me -- and undoubtedly many others -- very, very excited and hopeful.

    2. Hi there...Yes, I agree with you. It IS the first time that President Trump has said it himself, and the timing was obviously determined for him to make the announcement. The Alliance Plan continues to unfold, and we continue to have faith and trust in it. Love and Light to you.

  7. Hi Sierra hope your keeping safe & well God Bless you much Love & Light to You
    hope you find this meme well & funny

  8. Thank you, yes I am keeping safe and well. I look forward to the meme, thanks so much for sharing! Love, Light and hugs to you.


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