Remember - It's Just A Movie

Blog reader Phud wrote a comment in relation to the low-flying Aussie military plane video. I liked the comment so much, I chose it to open this post. Thanks, Phud. I appreciate your wisdom. We are blessed to have highly skilled and experienced Anons on this blog site, from all walks of life.

 As a former military Aviator & current GA pilot, the "rules" are very different. Honestly speaking, that video is very cool & that C-17 driver maneuvered very well through that urban zone. I would suggest that could be a practice flight & most likely was purposefully done by White Hat Military.
We must remember; We are watching "A Movie". I believe this movie EITHER contains many many unwitting actors whom are showing us "viewers" their true colors, which they are then simply flushing themselves out, OR we are viewing White Hat infiltrators mixed with unwitting participants that are acting out their roles which is being watched by the throngs of sleeping sheep across social media platforms around the globe. My bet is on the later.

Ponder that last paragraph. The old tactics of the Dark are being utilized by the Light to trap & flush out the dark minions all while waking up the sleeping sheeple. Those sheeple are now waking up & realizing they are Lions. I say, "Welcome to the Pride young Lions".

Trust your faith & your knowing. The Divine Plan is beyond brilliant. Just open your mind to it from your front row seat.

Cue reminded us to remember the 40,000 foot perspective. Movie, movie, movie. Even when the plot is super gnarly, which is certainly the case at present, it is still just - a movie. Actors, plot twists. As Cue said, 'The ending won't be for everyone.'

Relentless Truth has a message for all humanity, not just Americans.

Voting is simply not enough.
A nation-wide commitment to preserving the very fabric of this country through consistent personal sacrifice is the path to perpetual freedom.
Fighting for our rights is a full-time job.
Fighting for a brighter future for our children is a never-ending task.
It is no longer acceptable to assume "someone else" will pick up the slack.
Fulfil your duties as an American citizen in order to preserve your God given rights as a human being.

People are making sacrifices. They are walking away from careers rather than get the jab. They are home-schooling their children to keep them safe. They are marching in protest rallies and risking police brutality. Former Aussie police officer Alexander Cooney (previous post) is an excellent example of a Light Warrior who chose TRUTH over a life-time career.

This Alliance war is about to veer into shocking territory as per this post. We were warned.


The true cost of the Scamdemic. Check out this line for a Melbourne food bank. So sad.

Finally, bless these bright-eyed young children, the Light of hope for humanity. 

Gotta love these kids! I wish I had known about how evil the mainstream media was at their young age.

Stay positive, Light Warriors. Each day more people openly join our ranks and countless others are beginning to question the MSM narrative. 'Masks are BS' is starting to seep into the Kiwi psyche.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I'm certain the end won't be for everyone. I believe there will be "exits" because some will not be able to comprehend truth. Red. October. 😔

    We trod on because that is why we came. Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Oh my goodness, Jan, I had never thought of that interpretation of Red October. Yes, we must keep going to support humanity. Spirit has always said that even the most seasoned Light Warriors will still be utterly shocked by what is to come...
      Love and Light to you!

  2. I'm am humbly at your service and equally honored Sierra.

    "The ending won't be for everyone." No it won't. It won't because you will come into the realization that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you have been taught to believe, think and do is part of what I call "upside down world". What does that really mean? I will give you an example that is going to be very painful for many readers. Oh boy....

    What if you were a clergy person. Suddenly you come to the stark realization of the depth of the lie of your vocation. Suddenly the Universe reveals to you that you have been an unwitting leader within an organization that worships the very enemy you denounce. Suddenly you realize that all the creeds, hymns and rituals were energetically casting against the very flock you're suppose to lead.

    Now, take that thought process out to EVERYTHING. The depth of the subterfuge is almost incomprehensible and worse, it has been inescapable on the Earth plane for a very long time.

    All of us, each & every person, that is, or has been unaware, has given their energy in some fashion to perpetuate the very system that has been in place on this Earth plane, for who knows how long, that has trapped, abused & enslaved us. That truth will be a very tough pill for a great many of our fellow humans to swallow. Now you know why you are here.

  3. Phud, you need to be sharing your insights with the world...! Your own blog...?? I will include excerpts from this comment in my post today. I resonate with everything you say.
    An old book I have had for many years is titled 'Life In the World Unseen'. It was channeled by a clergyman who passed over and realized that everything he believed in and taught to his flock was lies. All of it. He made it his mission to rectify it through channeling the books - a series of three actually.
    I have a Catholic friend who works in the MSM. Total brainwashing on all levels. The fallout from ALL the truth being revealed will be utterly devastating to humanity. There! Your comment and my response is a post in itself...! Well done, us. Great team work!

  4. Utterly devastating at one level. But ultimately totally liberating on another. Sometimes I wonder which is worse. To have been awake for 40 yrs or for my family and friends whose heads may well explode from the cognitive dissonance. I can’t answer that or why I’ve been awake all these years, beating my head against a brick wall.

    All I do know, is that it is a distinct pleasure to finally have some company on this journey.

    1. Same here - especially as an "elder orphan" - nice to have some company.

  5. I echo your sentiments, Tim. As you will see, I used your comment in my latest post. WWG1WGA, my friend. Love and Light to you.


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