The Alliance is WINNING

The truth about [B]iden is spreading throughout USA. Was the Alliance plan to wait until people started waving 'F*** [B]iden flags before the military stepped in...? So that the rest of the world would realize how much [B]iden is despised by Americans? Cue: 'You can't tell the people; you have to SHOW them.'

When you can see the Alliance plan from the 40,000 foot perspective - as suggested in Cue drops - it makes sense that [B]iden's policies are getting more heinous by the day. The Alliance strategy is to drive the American people to the precipice where they will finally rise up as One and say ENOUGH...!

Awesome meme. I hope it's a real road sign. 

Great news from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - big fines for companies that enforce jab mandates.

Proof that the [D]eep [S]tate agenda is pure evil - the Israeli health minister on hot mic.

This message should be enough to WAKE PEOPLE UP. Otherwise, what will it take...??

Good point about the jabbed and homeless people. They are probably all un-jabbed.

Finally, a message to remind us that President Trump and the Alliance are WINNING. We Light Warriors need to suit up, continue to be brave and support them as we head for the finish-line.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Great post, Sierra! As usual. 😄

    Juan O Savin says the Q-Team needs 80% of the people to say "enough is enough." And that we're at it's coming SOON!

    He also said the mask mandate is pushing people to awaken. Finally. So we can read that as "the Alliance is in full control."

    Goodie! Bring. It!

  2. The precipice is close. With Biden, and Turdeau getting booed and shouted at. Turdeau even had a gavel thrown at him.

    They are censoring the PPC party here in Canada, as they are the only party not buying into the vaXcs passort, and last poll had them at 46%, so they have banned PPC from the debates. Not sure how that's legal, but it's habbening.

    1. Cue said about the DS that they would not be able to walk down the streets. That is happening - yes, the precipice is so close now. The censorship and control is unbelievable. Our local Voices for Freedom group cannot advertise ahead of time where our meetings will be held because the council shuts down the venues. Bring on freedom...!

  3. 80% it is there now many are not vocal but know in their hearts something isnt right. We only need some truth to really unite the mass collective. We know some are too programmed to ever awaken without divine help or galactic help via med beds and the like. I had read via cobra that Sept 18th or so would be an inflection pt. The tide would turn toward the Light!

  4. I think the Alliance had to push to this point, even knowing how terribly painful it would be for humanity. They knew that the alternative would be much worse. The tide is definitely turning towards the Light. Love and Light to you.


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