Archbishop Vigano Criticizes Pope

Heroic Archbishop Vigano has criticized Pope Francis for promoting the jab, saying that it was 'an unprecedented betrayal'. He is calling on Catholics to support priests who refuse the jab by taking them into their homes. Extraordinary times.

Another reminder of the extraordinary times we live in. When in the history of USA have so many crowds chanted these words about a sitting President? Notice how the journalist openly lies by changing 'F*** Joe Biden' to 'Let's Go Brandon'. Sadly, sleepers will believe her. This video had two million views at last count.

And here's another great hero, former Qantas pilot Graham Hood. Note the word 'former'. Yes, he lost his long stellar career at Qantas for speaking out against jab mandates. Now he speaks to crowds of Australians who have had ENOUGH.

The NSW Deputy Premier has now resigned. They are dropping like flies at last.

A news story about the state in India that is now virus-free thanks to Ivermectin. No excuses for other countries not following suit - unless their plan is to kill their people instead.

[D]eep [S]tate Senator Dianne Feinstein - who would be 100 by now if she wasn't already dead - is introducing a bill that will require Americans to be jabbed to fly domestically. NOT happening.

This will be a short post today. The gremlins have been out in force - I have not had so much trouble writing a post for a long time. Every time I turned my back, a piece of text was removed or moved. Bizarre. Challenging times but we WILL prevail.

We Light Warriors are in a holding pattern. It seems as if we have been in this position for a very long time. As with pregnancy, the phase just before birth seems endless, yet when you look back it was nothing at all. The birth analogy is apt for what is taking place on planet Earth. We are birthing a higher dimensional existence for humanity - and the lower frequency dwellers are determined not to let go, even as their deck chairs are flying down the deck of the sinking ship.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Youtube Tarot by Janine: "If there is going to be martial law it isn't going to be against you."

    1. I watched that, too, Wayne, and agree 100%!

    2. I am a loyal daily watcher of Janine's videos. She is my early evening anchor - a cup of tea, chocolate and Janine's latest video are my rewards for surviving another 3D day. I love her positivity, her insights and her refreshing approach. Thank God for Janine.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, my friend, lovely to hear from you!

  3. Deep breaths. It's coming. I FEEL it! Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Jan, I am with you - we are SO close! The resignations of the two NSW Premiers is an important domino and the rest of the DS will fall quickly, Much Love and Light to you.

  4. Is everyone feeling excited about the coming further hardship we may endure? It's palpable to me, yet its odd, is in not?. I too can "feel it coming" & I am inwardly jubilant . However, at the same time, I know its going to be terribly difficult for a lot of people, some of whom I know &/or are family. This brings with it that odd feeling, to me at least.

    Its as if I am watching my arch enemy steal, crash & explode in the airplane I just spent 2000 hours building. Then realizing, "well here's a list of all the little mistakes I made building that one. Now I get to build it the right way."

  5. Hi Phud...Thank you for making me smile at 8.30am on a grey sun-less day. I absolutely love your plane analogy. Awesome!
    And just like you, I feel hardship and difficult times coming shortly for humanity, but inwardly I am inexplicably excited too. Jubilant even. Reading intel about the potential for martial law, EBS etc etc, I feel that our long awaited time is close. No wonder we feel excited in our souls/hearts!
    Thanks again for bringing sunshine into this gloomy day. Much appreciated, my friend!

  6. Yes, the excitement is building! And another rally this coming Saturday ... 10/9/21 in Iowa.


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