Light Warrior Hero Revealed

The previous post featured a video of a doctor standing up for freedom by walking away from his job. We can identify him now - heroic UCLA anesthesiologist Dr Chris Rake. Consider the repercussions for Dr Rake and his family with lost income, lost career, ridicule and isolation. This is not a move these heroes make lightly.

Senator Rand Paul blasted [F][auci over his 'mass vaccination plan' calling it 'nonsense.'

Shocking proof in a graph of recent Israel jab deaths that it is the BOOSTER shot that is designed to kill.

Wow, during a big jab safety/mandate court case in Australia, a health official admitted UNDER OATH that the jabs are dangerous. A must watch short video, please pass it on.

As if we need further evidence of how the elite mock us with their 'rules' - Victorian Premier Dan Andrews...

Meanwhile here in New Zealand, the [D]eep [S]tate are working furiously to get us all jabbed, as per this video. My local recreation centre is putting on free food tomorrow to entice children off the street to get the jab. Our local Signs group will be there in force. These strategies to lure innocent children are beyond evil.

Pam Gregory's New Moon Libra video has some excellent information about coming weeks. Pam freely admits that this is 'the toughest period we've ever lived through in our lives'. She encourages us to build communities of like-minded people for support (eg Voices For Freedom). She calls them 'Families of Frequency'. At the time of writing, there were over 200,000 views of this video.

A wise meme that reminds us that [D]eep [S]tate are on the losing side of this war.

Have tissues nearby for this beautiful song about rescuing the trafficked children. We do it for them.

Finally, let's end with some humor. Love it....!

Today I was draining a little swamp (literally) in my back yard after weeks of rain. I made countless trips with my bucket out to the street drain and steadily removed a great deal of the swampy water. I reflected as I worked that it is a perfect analogy for how the Alliance is draining the swamp. It's nothing flashy - just steady consistent work that will pay off in the end.

Prayers for all Light Warriors here in New Zealand and around the world who are steadily fighting back, one tiny action at a time. Whether it's holding up big signs or handing out little mask exemption tags - it all counts in the end.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. HAHAHA! That police officer was a HOOT!

    And Pam's 'Families of Frequency' is so true! That's why I knew I was in your tribe a loooong time ago. Big Hugs, Sierra!

    1. I really enjoyed the police officer because it was so unexpected. What a breath of fresh air in this crazy world. Jan - it is wonderful to have you in my/our tribe. This online community is a precious hub for many of us. Love and Light and hugs to you.

  2. Hello Sierra,
    I went to see the new James Bond film last night and in it shows about nano particles and how they would depopulate the world. I would recommend people to go see it. If you pay attention and use your brain your light bulb should come on. How many times have we heard they have to show us what they are doing. The movie name is No Time to Die. As always thanks for all your hard work for us all. Take care. Randy

    1. Hi Randy. Very interesting about the new James Bond movie. I am going to include your comment in the post today so everyone can see it. Yes, indeed - the DS must by Universal Law show us what they are doing. I appreciate your kind words, Love and Light to you.

  3. I ran across this video last night! (On the heels of above post!) O M G!!! It's scary
    President Trump please come back and get these bozo's out, into their orange jumpsuits to Git-Mo

    1. Thanks for the link, my friend - I will check it out...

  4. Greetings Sierra and all!
    First, the GAB page about the doctor under oath was removed.
    Second, I have no choice to put a mask on when I go shopping but people can read on it that There is no pandemic, so it does at least enter their subconscious minds.
    Third, on my Facebook I posted 2 topics divided in several posts. One is about power which I regrouped in a meme. Here's the link. I will make a meme with the other one too.
    Thank you for what you do and I hope you had some success with your signs today (Oct 8).
    Be well.

  5. HI Sarah...I LOVE your mask message, go you. Awesome. Signs today was excellent - I will share about it in my post today. Thank you for the links, much appreciated. It is very annoying that the GAB page was removed. I thought that Gab didn't censor...? Love and Light to you, Sarah.

    1. Since I have basic love for all sentient beings and love to be helpful whenever appropriate/required, I always speak to at least three people with my mask on so they have the message right before their very eyes. I also say it out loud sometimes. It's been a few months now and nobody said anything so far. If anyone would tell me I'm wrong I know exactly what I would tell them: "If hearing it from me makes you uncomfortable, wait till you hear it from "the people in charge"; it will make you revolted to the core". Have a great day.
      P.S. I haven't met you in person but based on what I see and know, you are a very gentle and sweet person. Thank you for that.


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