Media Truth About NZ

It takes a UK newspaper to report the TRUTH about what is happening in New Zealand. Remember, our media is paid propaganda. Scroll down for the video of our [D]eep [S]tate puppet PM smiling while she delivers shocking divisive news. She even bangs her knuckles together at one point.

Karen Odell's brilliant remote view of the NZ Beehive empty of DS political leaders is entirely possible (see previous post). [B]iden has not been in the White House since he was fraudulently elected. He gives press briefings from a fake set - spring flowers outside the window in fall. Why could it not be the same for other global leaders?

A short video explains the direct financial incentive for government to de-populate the world. Hint: Pensions.

It is becoming clear that President Trump set up [F]auci from the beginning. As Q always said regarding the DS, 'These people are stupid'.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls for [F]auci to be fired over lying and animal cruelty.

A reminder from Lin Wood to never under-estimate Sidney Powell - the Kraken is still quietly working away...

I think we will be seeing a lot of 'silver lining' stories like this regarding the jab mandate. 

Keep fighting back, World Patriots. It's WORKING. 

The UK health secretary described how the group of campaigners were 'doing so much damage' and warned rallies were becoming a 'growing problem' across the country.

Brooklyn Bridge in NYC and a big jab mandate protest march. Look how far back the crowd goes.

We are coming up to the anniversary of the first Q drop on 28th October 2017. It talked about the arrest of [H]illary [C]linton. Watch this space (it would be the double, the real one is dead).

MONDAY 11.8 lines up on the Qclock with Oct 30, 2017.
“Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.”

I’ve always thought it curious that Q said ‘on’ rather than ‘of’.


Finally, who actually believes the mainstream media these days...??

Fellow Light Warriors, we have seen plenty of action so far during Red October. We KNOW that the final scene in the movie is now tantalisingly close. What domino will fall first..? It would only take a major arrest - [C]linton or [O]bama - to crash the global financial system and GAME ON.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Thankyou for your guiding light Sierra๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

    1. You are so welcome Caroline - I love doing it! Love and Light to you.

  2. Wow.. ok so Qpost saying she was arrested in 2017 or again a future post which is now 4 years later Saturday is the 30th of Oct . I wonder what happens.. the fallout .. this would be amazing as we need a visible Victory and we need it all shutdown as all is corrupt. Doug

  3. Hmmm On Monday yet the 30th is Saturday?? Was she arrested already.. what day did the 30th fall on in 2017?

    1. It is as it was stated above: Mon 30th October 2017. It has nothing to do with 2021.

    2. Hi there both of you
      Sorry for the confusion re the first Q drop. The 'Future Proves Past' aspect of Q can make it tricky to figure out what is going on. And of course there is a lot of disinformation out there on purpose. I guess I am just aware of the anniversary on 28th Oct of the first Q drop, and the fact that she is mentioned in it. We will have to wait and see...

  4. Don't forget that there was another Q drop that had the words "two days early." So.... the question would be two days early on the post or two days early on the arriest? That could mean Oct 28th, Oct 30th, or Nov 1st. Nov 1st is a Monday... If that one comes true, then John Podesta should be next ... and the bank system, the TV, internet, and possibly phones will go out .... with that infamous EBS message coming shortly thereafter.

    1. Yes, I recall that Q drop about two days early. It does get confusing when you don't know what YEAR they are referring to...! We are all waiting for the EBS. Military movements are definitely happening globally as per my post today.


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