Viral [B]iden Video

A little video is going viral of [B]iden appearing to admit that Trump is President. Here is the video, followed by an explanation from blog reader, Russ. Thanks Russ!

It is brilliant and it is a true statement on its own. 

However I watched the hour long speech and even though he did say that, (the Biden actor) the comment is out of context. 
He said, “The Republicans say,……..Donald Trump is……..”

Sorry to be a spoiler, and I don’t mean to be. Just I’m a stickler for the truth. 
Exciting times. A little way to go yet, and it may get a little rough before this is over. 

Stay strong. This war is already won. Big events and disclosures coming that will shock. And awaken many more as to the slave system we have been under. (Russ, blog reader)

Alec Baldwin appears to have 'accidentally' shot and killed a female employee on his latest movie with a 'prop' gun. Note the word 'appeared'. We can only guess at the true story. However he is now in the public spotlight and not in a GOOD way - showing his true [D]eep [S]tate colors. Baldwin despises President Trump.

Brilliant catch from Relentless Truth - Alec Baldwin starred in the movie 'The Hunt For Red October'. We know how important the words 'Red October' are to the Q movement. BOOM.

Meanwhile, watch for the next big DS distraction - the announcement of the Queen's death. She's been dead for years of course, but they will roll out an empty coffin and retire off her body double. They are desperate to control their tanking narrative but it's TOO LATE.

President Trump posted a blistering attack on Meghan McCain. He also took the opportunity to expose the TRUTH about her traitor father, John McCain. His crimes against humanity were so heinous, he was known throughout the Truth movement as No Name.

Senator Rand Paul is totally vindicated about [F]auci lying over his connections to the Wuhan lab.

A reminder of the scale of corruption of the global mainstream media. They LIE.

The Anti-Vaccine-Mandate movement is arguably the largest mass protest in world history... And the media is trying to pretend it's not happening.

Truth journalist Brian Cates with a great summary of the effect of President Trump's new media network.

Finally, a VERY clever meme from Relentless Truth. Wow, it cuts right to the chase, doesn't it...??

I will end with these words that I shared in an email with a group of friends...

The Alliance needs to announce global martial law, tuck everyone safely into their homes (GOOD lock down), fire up the EBS and tell the entire world the truth all at once. Bring it on...!


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light





  1. Juan O Savin said the first domino will fall this month, then things will get very troublesome. Truth. It ends in March 2022, then we heal. I weep for the sleepers. "The end will not be for everyone."

  2. A dear Light Warrior friend has always got March as an important marker. The sleepers will be surrounded by Love, both on and off planet. Their pain is also enormous soul growth, so we can see it as great opportunity for them instead of something to fear. Love and Light, my friend.


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