Watch For Durham Report

Relentless Truth reminds us that the Durham Report will be savage for the [D]eep [S]tate.

Wow. Check out this article about Freedom Flyers - an organization of airline industry employees, including flight captains, who were fired for not having the jab. Scroll down to read their messages. Powerful stuff.

A group of 871 Los Angeles firefighters is suing the City of Los Angeles over jab mandates.

Statistics show the heart-breaking deaths of women of child-bearing age because of the jab. It is heinous.

I recommend that you watch this short video of DS White House Press Secretary in action - not for her responses because she is brain-dead, but because at last reporters are asking the difficult questions. BOOM.

Awesome airport terminal page - remember 'Let's Go Brandon' now famously stands in for 'F*** Joe Biden'.

Blog reader Randy went to see the latest James Bond movie. Here is his reaction...

I went to see the new James Bond film last night and in it shows about nano particles and how they would depopulate the world. I would recommend people to go see it. If you pay attention and use your brain your light bulb should come on. How many times have we heard they have to show us what they are doing. The movie name is No Time to Die.

Today my Voices For Freedom group stood outside a jab clinic set up in the carpark of the local recreation centre. They were offering free food to lure in the punters. There were around 20 of us on the pavement, displaying our colorful signs. Once again, we got lots of toots of support from passing motorists.

One woman yelled out her car window, 'My choice! My choice!' as she drove her children in to be jabbed. 'My choice' is fine for an adult but her children were victims of gross ignorance. When jab remorse sets in - as it will for many - they will remember the people who stood on the pavement with colorful signs, trying to warn them of the dangers of their decision.

Finally, great news. After a seven month absence, my Galactic friends paid me a visit. I was 'woken up' at 4.30am and strongly urged to go outside. I opened the back door, stepped out and instantly there was a brilliant flash of white light from the sky directly in front of me. Yay! The ship flashes several more times as it crossed the sky.

I checked my sightings diary and there was a long absence last year at the same time - March to October. Hmm. Maybe they are giving me a break over winter now that I am aging! Anyway, I am rapt to see them back. It does seem that the NZ summer is a time of prolific sightings. Bring it on...

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. How reassuring and wonderful for you to see your Galactic friends.

    1. It was amazing, Annette, so unexpected after a lengthy absence. It was interesting reading back in the sightings diary and seeing that other lengthy absences were during the same time of the year. Fascinating. I am SO happy to have them back...!

    2. Annette, this is such a beautiful comment, thank you so much.

  2. Just when you think it cannot get crazier, it gets crazier...and I KNOW we are nearing the end. More bumps to go before we get "the best." Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. Jan, is there a limit to the craziness...?? Did we imagine two years ago our lives would be like this..?? It really is just a matter of buckling up and forging on through the storm. There is brilliant Light on the other side. Love and Light to you!

  3. Hello Sierra,
    Go to this website:
    When it comes up click on the Resource word at the top of the right hand side of the page. When it comes up scroll down and you can print you a form to keep with you so you don't have to take the jab. As always much thanks to all your hard work as each day. I don't drink coffee so your blog it my morning coffee. Randy

  4. I don't drink coffee either, Randy. I start each day with hot water and lemon and I have done for decades. I drink a pot of Japanese green tea while I write and research my posts during the day - something I have done for 35 years. Then my reward for publishing the post is a cup of English Breakfast tea and chocolate later in the day!
    I really appreciate your kind feedback. It doesn't feel like hard work to me because research and writing is in my DNA. Thanks for the link to the form!

  5. It's so nice that you were able to see your Galactic friends again! Hello to all of them... : )

    1. It was such a lovely surprise! Hopefully they will be back soon when we get clear skies, a lot of rain and cloud at present...


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