Welcome to RED OCTOBER

BIG news from Australia - [D]eep [S]tate NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has resigned after an investigation into corruption.

A great meme about the Premier's resignation. It shows how swiftly the Alliance can move - and how they force the besieged DS criminals to play their role right to the end. Literally the day before their resignation. The Alliance is in FULL control.


Brazilian President Bolsonaro talks about the slippery slope from jab passports to population control. Remember the BRICS nations are supporting the Alliance - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (NOT the Chinese Communist Party). That's why some Indian states are having almost a 100% virus cure rate with Ivermectin. 
Bravo to this Light Warrior Toronto restaurant owner who refuses to discriminate with his customers. He has the Canadian Bill of Rights taped to his front windows. This is awesome role-modelling.

[G]ates is making a move on his synthetic meat program. You know WHY he is buying up huge tracts of USA Mid-west land..? To get rid of the crops and cattle. REAL food grown by farmers. When the world is only eating his synthetic meat, he can turn off the switch any time. Mass starvation. NOT happening. Anyway [G]ates is already dead - but the narrative plays on...

A cool meme from Dan Scavino. Welcome to RED OCTOBER.

This story features a picture of the White House lit up RED in early hours of 1st October. Love it.

Finally, I did some more shopping today in the mall and big department store. I wish I could say that I was stocking up my pantry but it's the wardrobe that was seeing some serious action! YET again, among hundreds of people, I was the ONLY unmasked person. It's surreal. Every. Single. Time.

I was asked by an older staff member in a shop if I had the jab. I said, 'No way. It's dangerous, I would never have it. Why do you ask?' Weirdly, she said that I looked like a nurse (I was wearing a white tee shirt). I explained to her that thousands are now dying of the jab overseas. I said that it's deadly and don't take it whatever you do.

Yesterday I did some Mask Angel work, delivering laminated mask exemption tags to volunteers at a local charity shop. The women (elderly) were so grateful, they were in tears. I was supposed to drop off six tags but ending up leaving twelve. I made sure that all eight Tongan orchard workers in the hostel where I clean were given tags. Tongans are some of the happiest people in the world - you should have seen their smiles.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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    1. Thank you, my friend. It's lovely to hear from a fellow Kiwi. Aroha to you on this crazy journey.

  2. Justice being meted out day-after-day. Justice Kavenaugh tested positive for Rona, and we know what that means. They're everywhere. Julian Assange said most of DC was swamp and would be gone. It's habbening.

    Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. That is great news Jan about Kavenaugh. I didn't know. Yay! It is definitely happening. As you will see from Matthew's latest message, it is DEFINITELY happening. Much Love and Light to you.

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    1. Applegoddess, I can see you dancing around your apartment, yelling out Wooooo! Go you! Hugs, my friend.

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    1. Thank you! I so enjoy the Love from this wonderful community. Hugs to you.

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    1. You are so welcome Caroline. Lovely to hear from you!

  6. Hello Sierra Much Love and Light to You

    Well, speaking of laughing at this insanity, I found this video clip that’s so creative and so funny. I thought that it would give you a nice chuckle.

    It’s a parody horse race called the “2021 Jab Cup Race,” – and the person calling the race will have you in stitches.

    Pay extra close attention to those horse names.

    It's the horse's names that will have you howling and the way the announcer calls the race is just pure genius 🤣


    1. Hello my friend. I saw this link but didn't click on it. I will definitely do it today. A daily laugh makes a huge difference at present! Love and Light to you.

  7. Red October what can we expect. I followed Q I believe but we need action now no more promises no more words if military was always the answer we need to see system brought down .. ebs sent out and the documentary movie ran explaining what has been happening. This is supposed to happen this Fall people learn truth about it all.. especially the children then some chaos follows then galactics land and pull off those who cant handle wave to arrive early summer 2022. This is qhht info Allison Coe client but I have heard it before other sources. Nobody knows for sure but alot of talk about RED OKTOBER the light workers the alliance we all need something to use as a catalyst to know yes yes yes we are shifting for sure now we have turned the corner. The galactics may see it all but us on 3D cant yet just words ... Doug Idaho USA awake since 2012 lonely being awake knowing all is a damn lie .. all of it

    1. Doug, I am going to post Matthew Ward's latest message. It is very positive about imminent change. I have been following Matthew for many years. He never makes false promises. I feel confident that his information is correct. Not long now...!

    2. Ok thanks I will read it. Love and Light! Cobra update was positive too.. just getting impatient but we all are.. Doug

  8. I've waited 28 years. It sure would be nice to have a wonderful birthday present by 11/2/21.

  9. Oh DD, we ALL hope we are celebrating well before your birthday...!


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