'Woken A Sleeping Giant'

Washington State patrol officer Robert LaMay became an overnight celebrity after resigning due to the jab mandates. He says the jab mandates have 'woken a sleeping giant' worldwide. He was interviewed by Fox News. Help to make his video go viral.

New Zealand is ditching lockdowns for a new 'traffic light' system. Our country will be publicly divided into the jabbed and the un-jabbed, using jab 'certificates'.

The new traffic light framework will mean everyday freedoms for fully vaccinated Kiwis..."If you're not vaccinated there will be everyday things that you will miss out on..." (NZ PM)

Simon Parkes talked about military presence in many countries. There are unconfirmed rumors of overseas military here in New Zealand, including Italian troops. If troops do suddenly appear in your area, please reassure people. Q made it very clear that 'military is the only way'.

Speaking of Q, there are new readers on this blog who might not know about the Q movement (I have decided to drop the Cue - it will be Q from now on...).

The Q movement is an underground information network that was set up to distribute information about the Alliance plan to save humanity. The Q posts are known as 'drops' and people who follow/analyze Q drops are known as Anons (short for anonymous). I have been analyzing Q drops since the first one appeared on 28th October 2017. An important anniversary is coming up next week!

Q said that the Q team comprises less than ten people - seven military and three non-military. Anons have had a great time speculating on who the team members might be. Most of us believe that President Trump, General Flynn and John Kennedy Junior (who did not die in a plane crash) are in the team. 

Q is top level security and it has been made clear all along by Q: 'No outside comms.' If you come across a 'guru' who claims to be 'talking to Q', give them a wide berth. Quite simply, they are lying. And it doesn't matter if they have ten million followers - still lying.

The last Q drop was 8th December 2020. Q indicated that we now 'have it all', meaning there was no further need for drops. Many Q drop events happened on the anniversary several years after they were posted. 'Future proves the past'. Here is the link to the nearly 5000 Q drops. Fascinating reading. https://qanon.pub/

My long time hero Senator Jim Jordan talked about the Great Awakening in a congress hearing. Awesome.

This short video should cause people thinking of getting jabbed to hesitate. You can't argue with those stats.

General Electric employees walked off the job in protest over the jab mandate (short video). We The People are FIGHTING BACK.

Finally, a great pic here from [B]iden's home town, Scranton. If you are not up with the play, a crowd at a motor racing event was chanting 'F*** Joe Biden!' A mainstream news reporter doing a live cross said, 'Oh listen, they are chanting 'Let's go Brandon!'. So now crowds are chanting 'Let's Go Brandon'. Tee hee.

Someone I know who was sound to sleep to all the truth suddenly woke up this week. SUDDENLY. It was miraculous. It shows me how quickly the awakenings could occur from now on. We must be ready to field a flood of questions about things we have known about for a long time but are shocking new information to the person who has suddenly awoken.

Hold the line, World Patriots. WE'VE GOT THIS.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. We Light Warriors have a brilliant sense of humor, huh...?? Love it!

  2. It's getting awesome! God's got this! Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. It is getting totally awesome, Jan. God has got this. I agree! Love and Light to you.

  3. I saw a video of Ron Watkins (Code Monkey Z) being interviewed by an Arizona news woman, Ron is running for congress in Arizona. Can you imagine Code Monkey Z being a congressman in the USA? He is so famous in the entire world, he hosted the Q posts since the beginning. But that woman kept hammering him because Brandon won the election, over and over again. Ron tried to tell her he is actually a computer genius and he knows that Trump won. I pity that woman, she will be tried in Nuremberg 2.0.

    1. Code Monkey being a USA congressman is brilliant! It is the New Earth and makes total sense. As you say, millions of people worldwide know of him via Q.

  4. Q Delta is now right?? So many Q drops and I actually thought this wld happen before 2020 ended .. Simon Parks he said he spoke with Q team member that's when I questioned him. He also made several posts about imminent action that didnt occur. We need action now or people will go survival mode .. vaccinating children 5 to 11 in the blue states. That is the red line. It's interesting they call it the Delta varient and I had read the galactics may use Delta option if things descended.. collective consciousness needs a win needs truth now end the movie.

  5. The last few posts by Q posted nov 12 2020 I hope 1 yr delta. Red October let's go let's shock the people awake! Doug thanks Sierra I check your site daily hard not to want info I know galactics want us to go inside retreat from all info but wow we are curious we are on edge we need to know yes this is real we are not crazy we are awake this is happening. They know they can see the timeline we cant. Imagine driving in a car not knowing where you are going how or how far it is nor the speed of the car!! That is us right? Ascension is our destination but really we dont know how close we are.. we have markers we think must be met 1 being mass disclosure mass arrests financial reset .. stand tall all

  6. Excellent analogy for Ascension regarding the car trip, Doug. I love it! Yes, indeed, the Alliance and Galactics can see the timeline but we can't. That's why they gave us the Q intel - Future proves the past. And you are absolutely right: we DON"T know how close we really are to the end of the movie. Well said. Love and Light to you.


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