Bannon: 'They Took On The Wrong Guy'

War Room's Steve Bannon - former President Trump advisor - is being released WITHOUT BAIL ahead of a trial for contempt of Congress. This will cause major panic for the [D]eep [S]tate. Steve Bannon told the Democrats after he was released: 'They took on the wrong guy.' BOOM.

Not surprisingly, Anons are taking a lot of pleasure in this development.

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A Holocaust survivor speaks about how the Nazis demonized the Jews as 'spreaders of disease' (26" video)

That took place in the 1940's. This little video from Austria is 2021. Chilling. Remember Hitler was Austrian.

This young guy pulls no punches in his attitude towards people who comply with the BS.

The family of a man who died after the jab PRAISES it and urges people to get it. Mind-controlled to the max.

As per this news story, I have noticed the trend here in New Zealand - mainstream media is describing deaths as 'sudden' or 'unexpected' with no further explanation Translation: Jabbed death. Or, sadly, suicide.

How much inhumanity must the world witness and endure before a universal cry rises up: ENOUGH! A father is not allowed to be with his two year old daughter in hospital after she was injured in a car accident. Why? He is not double-jabbed. ENOUGH!

A Catholic brother believes the only solution to the [D]eep [S]tate stranglehold is to arrest the bad guys. Indeed.

Finally, BP from Starship Earth can always be relied on to share little gems of wisdom. 

I keep seeing a heart locked up in a glass box on a wall like the fire alarm switch and we are having to grab that axe and break the glass to get through to the collective heart of Humanity to sound the alarm, to get them to feel again; to dispel the thick dross that is keeping us apathetic and insensitive about the horrors unfolding on our planet and the suffering of our fellow man.

'Apathetic and insensitive' to the horrors around us - that is the murderous legacy of the [D]eep [S]tate mainstream media. President Trump has always said, 'They are the enemy of the people'. Absolutely right. Even the sweetest people, like some of my lovely elderly neighbors, are totally brain-washed via their 24/7 consumption of the MSM lies.

However, we Light Warriors know that numbers are growing exponentially on the side of TRUTH. The Light is WINNING bigly.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Disclosure will not be for everyone. The end will not be for everyone. Pain incoming. Love and Light, Sierra!!

    1. Good reminder, Jan. I agree that the end will not be for everyone, especially the sleepers. And a world of pain is incoming for the DS. What you sow, you reap. Love and Light to you!


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