Massive Melbourne Protest

Wow. MASSIVE protest crowd in Melbourne today. Tens of thousands of people getting VERY loud. Be inspired, Light Warriors. Thrilling.

Finally, balanced MSM coverage of today's big New Zealand protests - the reporters actually interviewed protesters. This is a significant turn of events.

This is an excellent article by Lisa Renee. She has captured the essence of the huge challenges for Light Warriors on Earth right now. A highly recommended read.


So today I really want to say to you: “You are sane!” “You are the sane and well balanced one!”

Let's take a deep breath in with the sanity saver spirit of understanding what sanity really is as embodied. Sanity, coherence, being able to assess something as it is, to be able to look at things from a holistic perspective so that cognitive dissonance and fear isn't controlling your perceptions. I appreciate your hard work in going through that process to look at things as they are and not what you wish they were, because maintaining our sanity and coherence at this time takes great effort. Let's take in a deep breath in unified fellowship and anchor that deeper awareness of following our inner spirit and conscience fully and completely.

I am sane. You are sane. Let's register that deeply within while connecting with our inner spirit.

What we're currently enduring in the world today is unprecedented spiritual warfare in our lifetime. This is the final spiritual battle for the soul of humanity and the Earth. We knew it was going to get crazy. We knew it was going to be incoherent and confusing. We're living through that process of consciousness rebirth now, and it can be extremely surreal and bizarre which can be destabilizing.

This spiritual battle has shown up as a manufactured hoax that weaponizes others around us and this is another element of what makes it so painful. My God is this time painful!! That people we love, our family, our friends; this manufactured hoax is ripping people apart through divide and conquer tactics rooted in ideological conflicts. This need for people to deny darkness from their immense fears, to succumb to the consciousness slavery allows a weaponization of other’s shadow darkness and unresolved fears. It's so incredibly painful to all of us as human beings to experience the weaponization of those we knew as friends, family or colleagues.

To maintain our sanity and coherence we have to see this happening very clearly; that is, the intentional weaponization of people around us. It doesn't mean they are bad people or they are negative people. It means they are in terrorizing fear and they do not understand what they are participating with when they lash out to hurt others. Unfortunately, the weaponization creates an extremely aggressive intimidation force to try to control us, to try to get us to comply with the acceptance of the lies of the mind control narrative. This narrative is being conjured by the black magicians, the sorcerer's that are evil criminal psychopaths that rely on satanism to support their evil deeds. And we can see them showing themselves as they are coming out of every nook and cranny of society’s control pillars at this time... (Lisa Renee)

I resonate with this message...

A reminder of how compliance can seem benign. It's not.

Finally, a message for every battle-weary Light Warrior. You are not alone. We are with you.

So, to recap...YOU are sane, I am sane. It is the jabbed 3D world that is NOT sane. Always remember. Re-watch the video of the Melbourne protest - it is proof that our numbers are rapidly growing and we are getting LOUD. VERY loud.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I live in a very small town in the North Georgia Mountains (USA). A few weeks ago, the local college told their employees that they must get the jab by Jan 4th or they would be terminated. Immediately, I thought that it was finally time for people to speak out and say "NO NO NO". I mentioned it to a few friends...lit a fire under them. They organized a peaceful demonstration from 11/8 - 11! IT WORKED the college rescinded the mandates as have other businesses here. AND the local paper featured them on the front page. A really big deal for this little town. I've been "awake" since the 80's!!!! Thanks you Sierra for your posts, they always make my day!!!

    1. Hi there. I love your story so much, I am including it in my post today. Thank you for sharing such an uplifting inspiring story. Stories like this give weary Light Warriors a huge boost. Love, Light and hugs to you from a fellow 'woke in the 80's"...!!

  2. I know this may sound like a strange request, but I'd like to ask everyone in this group to say a special prayer (or send special protection) around the rapper Tom MacDonald. For those of you who don't know him, he has decided to use his considerable creative talents to expose the Truth to anyone and everyone who will listen. He has not yet been "cancelled" because he and his girlfriend (who creates the videos) do it all themselves. He uses his own money - no manager, no production studio, no record label - to help awaken humanity, and it's doing a damn good job. But if you listen to his non-political music, you will see that he is being bombarded by haters beyond anything we can imagine, and it's getting extremely difficult for him, as he was an addict (and I believe he is also very empathic). This message needs to get out and I know he won't stop, but if you listen to his newest release called Balloons, you will see how tortured his life has become because of the evil forces shoving everything they've got at him to make him stop. (Watch his videos "Fake Woke", "Dummies" and "Brainwashed" to get an idea of the message he is getting out there.) I can include links on YouTube if you'd like, but his website is if you prefer not to go to YouTube.

    1. Thanks Deb. We will watch out for him. So many sensitive creative souls are being viciously attacked at present. Our prayers are with him.

  3. There are going to be more and more complainers as time goes on simply because the complainers are the newly awakened. I remember when I woke up in 2013, and for several years I was like an impatient 2-year-old. I got over it because I had all that time to get over my temper tantrum, so to speak. I found my patience because I had all the time in the world to do so. My heart goes out to all the people who were shaken awake by the lockdown, they have no time to process anything. I woke up in a relatively safe environment, long before all this madness began, so I could take in new information at my own pace, try new beliefs on for size, and only keep things that resonated. These new light warriors are being utterly bombarded with information of all different frequencies, and they are expected to sift through it and find their truth, their rock of stability, while a gun is pointed at their heads. I do not envy the souls who chose to wake up now. They may not have to wait as long as we veterans have had to, but they have to battle their new fears and lack of understanding while shit is currently hitting the fan.

    1. You are right - it seems harder for the newly-awakened who are being bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information, much of which is deeply disturbing. Like you, I woke up at a time when I could pace myself. We veterans are weary, and we have had to develop extraordinary patience. Both paths are challenging!


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