One Million Aussie Protesters

Posts on Telegram indicate that up to a MILLION people attended protest rallies in Australia on Saturday. This is HUGE news for a country with a population of 26 million. Aussies can be slow to anger - but when they roar, look out [D]eep [S]tate.

Short video from the beautiful Rome night rally. 'We are not giving you our children'.

A chilling reminder of why it is vital that we protect our children.

This young Light Warrior is SO cool - please watch his video (60") and help it to go viral.

Two young brave Light Warriors chatted on the phone - Nick Sandmann, who sued the MSM for multiple millions, called Kyle Rittenhouse whose case against the MSM is enormous. Love it.

An Associated Press news story about the 'mystery' as to why Africa has the lowest virus rates in the world, yet only 6% of the people are vaccinated. Helloooooo...wakey, wakey...

Sad news from Germany. Dr Jendges, head of Chemnitz hospital, died after 'falling' from the hospital building roof. He made this short video about the virus being about dictatorship, not health. It is highly unlikely that this humble man committed suicide.

Jabbed people are taking part in protest rallies because they do not agree with the mandates. As this Anon says, when the [v]axxed people support the non-[v]axxed, the dam will break.

A great quote from an Anon that sums up the absolute stupidity of the jab.

If there was a contraceptive vaccine, but after taking it you could still get pregnant and you still had to wear a condom...Would you still take it?

It really is that stupid.

Many of us Light Warriors have been following Poof's channellings for years. Today's message is encouraging.

Pam Gregory's video about the Solar Eclipse on 4th December is very interesting, especially about the changes that will take place in USA soon. Well worth watching.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Megan Rose and Janine. Megan has inside information from the Galactic Federation of Worlds - her contact said that all evil reptilians have been removed from Earth and we are left to mop up the 'bad humans', i.e. minions.

I love this quote from Megan. It could be a mantra for our Ascension journey...

We are already who we are on the inside. We need to learn to create from the inside and the outside will reflect it. (Megan Rose)

Light Warriors, keep your Light shining brightly. It is needed now on Earth more than ever before. If you can brighten the life of one suffering person today, you have made a difference.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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    1. Thank you, I look forward to checking this out...!

  2. Thanks for sharing the links to Megan Rose and Janine, and Pam...much appreciated! Love and Light, Sierra! We've got this!

    1. You are most welcome, Jan. We've got this, indeed...!

  3. Sierra,

    There is no Galactic federation of world, Archangel Michael & Ashtar informed in their channeling messages. Only Galactic federation of Light.

    1. Thank you - I actually agree with you. I believe Megan Rose is genuine, but the terminology around the Galactic Federation is fraught with confusion. I prefer to stick with my intuition which resonates with the Galactic Federation of Light. Love and Light to you.

  4. It's great that the children, teenagers and young adults are telling it like it is! Blessings! DD

    1. I agree, DD. These amazing young people are the shining Light for our 5D future. Blessings to you too...

  5. There will be other very important mass meditations on 4 December and 21 December.
    December 4 is the solar eclipse. December 21 is the winter solstice where there is also a very important mass meditation.

    You can also sign a very important petition for the liberation of the Earth.

    Petition: Planetary Liberation NOW!

    4 December:

    21 December:


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