OSHA Suspends Jab Mandate

An important breakthrough in the jab mandate situation - the USA Occupation Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) has suspended implementation and enforcement of the [B]iden vaccine mandate.

Here's the thing - even if a government department suspends the jab mandate, individual Gestapo employers can STILL choose to wield their bullying power over their employees. I believe the biggest problem with the jab mandates is the eager WILLINGNESS of people to go along with it, whether employer or employee.

However, many people are fighting back. Anecdotally, stories are coming out here in New Zealand (not on the MSM of course) of the impending major disruption from staff resignations due to the jab mandates. A small rural school near me has lost three of their four teachers. This is what it may take to WAKE UP humanity. 'Hey, how come our teachers aren't here anymore. Huh?...What's that about...??' 

This story about un-masked UK children being forced to wear yellow badges in schools is appalling. A local rest home in my area forced un-jabbed staff to wear yellow smocks instead of the traditional uniform. Is it surprising that we Anons often refer to the Gestapo/Nazi aspect of what is happening? The comparisons must be made.

Gibraltar has vaccinated their entire population - 100% - yet they are 'cancelling' Christmas due to an uncontrollable outbreak of the virus. Wake up, people!

Great message from President Trump. And there is Pepe the frog too. Love it. 

Finally, bravo to this cool Aussie girl and her brilliant placard. You ROCK.

This is one of the BEST anti-COVID-tyranny banners that I’ve ever seen.

This young Aussie girl is essentially saying there are more people aware of the governmen’s COVID vaccine genocide agenda, than there are places available in the concentration camps that the government is building!

Be proud of your fortitude, fellow Light Warriors. You are holding your ground during the most momentous time in the history of this planet. So you wobble...? I did. But the important thing is to pick yourself up, get back on your bike and pedal like the wind.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Great sign!! hahaha

    Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. I just love the way she rocks that sign, Jan. And it's so beautifully written...!!

    2. Love and Light to you, my friend.

  2. Perhaps a few more will wake up. Prayers and Blessings to all. DD

    1. Blessings to you too, DD. Always a pleasure...

  3. Remember that mandates are only enforceable by law if they have been voted and approved upon by Federal legislature. If companies and businesses want to enforce their own mandates, then hit them where it hurts. In the $pocket.

    1. Absolutely. Major boycotting. When the dust settles, we will remember. The DS businesses will not survive the purge.

  4. Thanks Sierra! I literally think many are so mk ultra programmed implanted with plasma and bio chips they cant see anything now.. it will take media being taken down and formal announcements made in all nations explaining what has been happening. My own siblings prove it to me. Nothing shakes their conformity Doug USA

  5. Doug, the number of muzzled people here in NZ during our summertime indicates that it will take announcements to wake up the sleepers. The media WILL go down. Love and Light to you.


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