They. Fear. You.

Beautiful torch-lit protest march in Switzerland.

Here is proof that standing your ground on jab mandates can be successful. Be inspired.

More positive news - it is very important to focus on positive events at present. Florida Disney World has backed down on jab mandates because of Governor DeSantis's ban.

A whistle-blower nurse in Slovenia confirms that their politicians received SALINE shots, not the real jab. This is sure to be the case for all other politicians worldwide.

A short video from Sweden of a shopping mall Santa scene. Normal life. The good old days.

It's a very different story here in New Zealand. I was in a big shopping mall today where everyone was masked, including Santa sitting on his throne. A masked shop worker said to me sadly that those children will remember the year when they couldn't see Santa's smile. She said they are probably scared of him because of the mask. 

I had a conversation with my older daughter today where we discussed the current state of the world (she reads this blog). We agreed that life is very difficult for everyone now, no matter your jab status. The emotional rollercoaster has become our way of life as we try to cope with each new challenge that presents itself.

Unity consciousness and Love are growing exponentially BECAUSE of these shared hardships. The Great Awakening is like a baby bird pecking and pushing its way out of the shell. Not easy, but it is happening steadily and we will all fly free SOON.

Finally, always remember how VERY POWERFUL we are - a global network of Light Warriors that is growing exponentially every day.

If only you realised how truly POWERFUL you really are.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. It's been really hard in so, so many ways; but I know the end will be worth it.
    I just know it.

    Shine on :^)

    1. Pip, I absolutely agree with you. The end will be worth it, just like birthing labor. And thank goodness for the amnesia after birth, where we forget what led up to it...! Shine on.

  2. I stood my ground twice with 'health care' workers aiming new thermometers at my forehead. Ack!
    As a veteran, I told them it's too much like a pistol - nobody gets to point and click at me! So I held up my wrist and they recorded that temperature. They also can't zap my pineal from my wrist. : )

    1. Well done, you! I would never let them near my third eye chakra either. We Light Warriors will NOT be bullied...!!

    2. Correct; no bullies. I've returned to that clinic but haven't seen them again. Score 1 for me.

  3. Fear not indeed. The World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as other entities under the UN Charter (like the IMF) are now out of business, as the United Nations Charter was thrown out, and dissolved on Monday 22 Nov. This is HUGE news which needs to be spread far and wide.

    1. Thanks for this link - it's the second time I received it today so will post it. Maybe this is the BIG domino that triggers all the rest. Bring it on...!

  4. Go Kim Possible!!! Thanks and Love to the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States!!


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