We Are At War

Blog reader Doug wrote these words in a comment...

We are at war and most are oblivious. We have to hold the Light.

Doug is absolutely right - we ARE at war. There are few guns and bombs. This is a psychological war that remains hidden from those who embrace the 3D illusion created by the DS and perpetuated by the MSM. 

This anonymous post on Starship Earth is a great summary of the war from a person with military experience. I resonate with this information.

My take on the Lin/Flynn episode, with my military experience:

Q said, Operators never divulge. Correct?

Colonels that are eligible for promotion are looked at by the president, SecDef, joint chiefs, and other appointed General officers at the time. This usually happens when the colonel has 20+ years of exemplary service, and is up for promotion. The decision to enter the general ranks, lies in the hands of those that work closely with POTUS, and increase in difficulty as you rise up the general ranks.

This is 100% a military operation. Again, operators never divulge.

Always remember, “lost hope” and “near death civilization event.” This must affect us all, and we were told there was no other way. Only at the precipice do people have the desire to change.

Gen. Flynn, Lin Wood and any other operatives in this movement will never divulge the truth until it is time. The enemy is always watching.

Sometimes you need to “shoot yourself in the foot” to make the enemy look in a different direction. This will confuse a lot of us from time to time. But realize this is done without compromising the overall mission.

We are in war.

There are casualties in war.

The DS is DEEPLY rooted, and will fight at all costs to remain in power. White hats are in control, and strategically making moves based on the OVERALL betterment of humanity, and what will get us to the finish line with the least amount of casualties.

We may not understand the moving pieces at all times, but who has the 40,000ft view?

Meanwhile evidence about the deadly jab is mounting daily . This headline speaks for itself.

Do not let the Ghislaine Maxwell trial story fall off your radar. Keep it top of mind in honor of the many victims of this evil woman and Epstein. Speaking of evil, ABC News had the Epstein story three years ago and kept it hidden.

An Australian Anon outlines what is needed in his country - an entirely clean slate. Ditto for New Zealand.

I love this long post. I am so pleased she took the time to write it. 

I need to get this out of my mind and written down. Here goes:

Covid will never disappear. Their control will never disappear.
Now that governments have enacted powers beyond our comprehension in this day in age, do you think they would just go back to how things were and let go of their power? Not a chance.
The only way to eradicate a system like this is to bring the whole thing down. A biblical event of epic proportions. It would take a mass global awakening. It would mean revealing to the world something so shocking that it forces the majority of people worldwide to drop what they are doing, be vocal and disrupt the established control. It would have to include dismantling the MSM. It could mean things get worse before they get better.
Think of all the times in history that severe control of people/groups was dismantled. What did it take to dismantle it? War? Civil unrest? Indictments? How long did it take? Weeks? Months? Years? How long did the enemy cling to power? Right to the very end?
When we heard the words “hold the line”, it wasn’t just about 2020. It wasn’t just about the USA. It wasn’t just about fake news. It means staying in for the long haul. And yes; I believe it will be a long haul. But real patriots and freedom lovers would fight their whole lives if it meant that they won’t see freedom, but their sure children will.
It’s not just about how many indictments Durham is working on now, it’s not just about how much Rittenhouse will sue the MSM, it’s not just about the racial divide that media creates, it’s not just about some new study proving the vaccine is the BS we know it is, it’s not just about the fact Australia is throwing unvaccinated in concentration camps. This is all just news that is churned out over and over from MSM. It is about so much MORE than all of that. It’s good vs evil. It’s freedom vs tyranny. The enemy has many faces, and all of them are clinging to their control like a baby with a binky.
What helps? Firstly, get off of your knees - YOU are the one YOU have been waiting for. Know who you are and what YOU value in life for yourself and family. Be that vocal family member at Christmas dinner this year. Be the voice in the street that stands in solidarity with your brothers and sisters. Be the person who has no regrets when they are laying on their death bed after a hopefully long life. Be the change you want. Even a single match can start a fire when it’s lit and placed back in the matchbox with the unlit matches.
This post isn’t meant to inspire people or call for some specific action. It’s a mindset. It’s an affirmation that as long as I am around, I will do my part. And, that I will stand with anyone who does the same. I’m no one special. I’m just a working mother and wife who wants goodness to spread like wildfire around the world. I’m still holding the line. Are you?

Thanks for reading. Carry on. 💜

Finally, PLEASE make time to watch this clever little video, based on one of my favorite movies.

I feel as if I cheated with this post, most of which was written by other people. However, we are all in this together and sharing our inspiration and information is crucial in a psychological war. It's a war being fought with keyboards and cell phones. And we are WINNING big time.


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Q stated that it would be "Biblical!" Juan O Savin states that we have to go through a near extinction event. We cannot be saved by the Alliance. We have to save ourselves so that we never, ever let go of the wheels again. There is no giving up. We are the saviors we have been waiting for!

    Love and Light, Sierra!!

    1. Awesome comment, Jan. So inspiring. Love it! We are our own saviors, indeed. Love and Light to you.

  2. Agreed..... and is appropriate to point out that everything that is being done is done in such a way as to provide the greatest POTENTIAL spiritual benefit to the greatest number of souls..... it is then appropriate to jump in and do your part as soul..... understand yourself...... this is what this lifetime is for ...... survive physically or not you can look back and see just who you were and what areas require work within your own domain/self..... life is not always supposed to be a cake walk...with your agreement it is designed to give each and every one of us the custom made lessons that we are living today - they are temporary......learn to love in every sense of the term and we are all getting opportunity for huge lessons in love/forgiveness as we have all - at various points of our lives - supported the evil systems which are now being battled....

    1. Thank you for your illuminating comment - it would stand alone as a wonderful post. I agree with everything you have said. It IS all about love and forgiveness. The global jab situation is providing the framework for our Ascension journey. It's about Ascension.
      Thank you for taking the time to share, it is much appreciated. Love and Light to you.


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