Weekend Protest Rallies: Yay!

I love Sundays! We get to see videos of the amazing global protest rallies.

Let's start with this huge colorful protest march in Guadeloupe. Enjoy.

Wow. The tide has definitely turned in Aussie. Mainstream media Channel 9 News actually covered the latest big protest rally in Melbourne. BOOM.

Another BIG protest rally in Sydney - every weekend now for Melbourne and Sydney. Go Aussies.

I shed a tear during this powerful emotional moment during the Sydney rally. Look at all the different flags.

Love these brave Austrians marching through the streets, defying lockdown orders. Pretty town.

I agree with Pepe Lives Matter about the purpose of global protest rallies - I have also been asked if protests achieve anything. https://gab.com/PepeLivesMatter17

People always ask me what protesting accomplishes.
First, it shows that we are not alone and that we are in the majority. The world is undergoing psychological warfare im unprecedented ways and the enemies of humanity want us to feel alone: This is simply not true.
Secondly, it shows that awakening is happening on a massive scale. If you had told a "conspiracy theorist" 10 years ago about what is happening today they might not even believe you. All that is happening today backfires and serves to awaken the people and galvanize the majority to fight back.

A superb newsletter from Starship Earth. Please take time to read the whole newsletter, especially the chilling message about the [D]eep [S]tate plans for Canada. It is vital that we keep fighting back because that DS Canadian plan is/was intended for the entire world. The Light WILL PREVAIL.

You may have seen some of the little videos of people collapsing due to the jab. Viewing them all compiled into one video is graphic sickening evidence of the DS agenda. Please remember that people who are injured or die due to the jab chose this option as part of their soul contract to be on Earth during Ascension. We send them prayers for their sacrifice to help awaken humanity.

As part of the freewill law in this Universe, the DS has to advertise their evil plans to humanity. After a year of no new virus variants, what are the chances that Israel had a 'practice' (war game) for new variants - two weeks ahead of the announcement of 'new variant' Ormicon. Keeping the jab companies rich. Heinous. Oh, and Ormicon is an anagram for Moronic. Mocking humanity in plain sight.

Interesting direct information from Anonymous in Southern California. Military aircraft movement has suddenly ceased after heavy daily traffic for six months. Hmmm.

"For over 6 months, I have personally witnessed dozens of daily helicopter fights in & out Long Beach harbor. My conservative estimate would place the numbers between 50 to 60 flights per day, around the clock, 7 days a week!
This is no exaggeration.
Aircraft activities included Ospreys, large tandem rotorcraft as well as other identified military helicopters. Most, however, were unmarked.
As of yesterday (Friday • 11.26), for the first time in months, all activities have ended abruptly, completely. An eerily atmosphere of silence.
Perhaps something big is coming next?"

I love Major Patriot. https://gab.com/MajorPatriot 
I just tested positive for the Trump Variant.

A reminder to keep your eye on the ball - Ghislaine Maxwell's trial starts on 29th November. 


I love this little video. A cool kid demonstrates how you grab the narrative - and keep it. Awesome.

A reminder that the jabbed people's virtiol against us makes no sense. They are jabbed - 'protected'. DUH.

Finally, a great meme that symbolizes the massive global Light Warrior network.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Awesome information Sierra Much Love and Light to you Beautiful light warrior and truth pusher

    November 27, 2021


    from SGT Report:

    UN Agenda 2030. COP 26. The Club of Rome: They’re all in on it.

    The Great Reset. Lockdowns. Vaccines. Net zero carbon emissions. And their stated goal for decades has been global genocide to reduce earth’s population to 1 billion people, or less. Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report to expose their diabolical plan which is meeting growing resistance by the day.

    1. Thank you, my friend - it is my pleasure to share the information/Light for all. Love and Light to you.

  2. Sierra all the Q deltas.. military is the only way.. GCR news stating nesara has started (operation disclosure) buy gold and silver.. 2 weeks food.. all media goes down.. red oktober .. damn if we dont see something positive people may start taking action on their own ..we are at war and most are oblivious. We have to hold the light..keep up the vibration yet are told galactics are taking out bases uses weapons and taking out chimera ships..so how do.they keep their vibration up? We need implants removed and the truth told to all now. End the sadistic game of death and control and inform the sheeple what has been happening. They won't wake up trust me 2 jabs.. clots and they take the booster they are literally zombies Sierra.. look at your own neighbors totally programmed wld walk off an overpass is media told them too same here in the states amazing how utterly nonsensical it all is. DOUG

    1. Doug, thank you for your great summary. 'We are at war and most are oblivious...we must hold the Light'. I will use that quote in today's post. It is absolutely true. And yes, it IS amazing how crazy and insane it has become, especially here in NZ. Thank goodness for VFF and a rapidly-growing network of awake people. WE'VE GOT THIS. Love and Light to you.

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  4. Good morning from NZ - sending warm summer wishes to you in wintery UK! Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it. Love and Light to you.

  5. The Melbourne video at 0:54 shows a depiction of the reptilians/draco on a sign. Amazing. That was on the news. I live practically right next to John Wayne Airport in Orange County CA. There are still military helicopters and planes constantly flying over. Two choppers buzzed by our house last night flying really low altitudes. They are most active at night, particularly around midnight to 3am. The choppers are almost never seen during the day hours. Sundays are the only quiet days for military air traffic. Godspeed to the men and women serving. May this all end soon. Much love from CA.

    1. Thanks for this great intel about the military air traffic, Blake. It is SO reassuring to know that such a high level of military air movement is happening. We are even seeing military planes in our quiet little part of NZ - far from any military bases.
      I include my prayers along with you to the military men and women all over the world who are working tirelessly to liberate humanity. Much Love and Light to you.

  6. Here's a very uplifting video from St. Germain and the Galactic Federation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY5bptowIQs

    1. Thanks Jean - I am looking forward to watching it. Love and Light to you.


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