Surfing The Tsunami

This post opens with a little video that helps to set the perspective on life at present.

In recent weeks, I have been letting go of my need to control everything (okay, so I was a TOTAL control freak!). Instead, I am getting up each morning ready and willing to surf the tsunami. 

Often the plans I make are gone by 10am as something more interesting and exciting shows up. Expected the unexpected could be the tsunami theme. It is counter-productive to attempt to swim against such powerful energies i.e. trying to stick to your schedule. It is much more productive - and fun - to SURF this amazing wave and go with the flow.

There is a lot of fear out there. Even some awake people are afraid of many things - the jab, jabbed people, lockdowns, military, etc etc. If you have become afraid to leave your house because of the long list of concerns that make you anxious, you are not living. The dark has beaten you down. REFUSE the fear! It is food that sustains the dark forces - they literally eat your fear for sustenance.

I am living a normal unmasked life. I mingle with everyone, not knowing (or caring) about their jab status. We are ALL One. It's true that I started this jab/lockdown journey as afraid as anyone. But since then I have learned a great deal about acceptance, compassion and trust in everyone's soul contracts. As Matthew Ward said, 'You don't even know the details of your OWN soul contract - how can you know anyone else's?'

Here are some stats about USA voters that proves people are waking up in huge numbers - even Democrats. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Awesome proof that the Great Awakening is proceeding swiftly - Romanian police officers march to protest against enforcing the mandates. 

A wonderful example of Unity Consciousness from Queensland Australia - people form a human barricade to prevent authorities access to a cafe that 'breaches vax passport criteria'. Love it!

A pic of a soldier greeting President Trump. Judging from his equipment,  we could guess that the soldier clears the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases, where children have been kept for heinous [s]atanic abuse). If so, this man is an absolute hero. It could be a sign from Dan Scavino that the DUMBS have all been cleared. Our prayers are with the children and their rescuers.

Here's something to lighten your heart as we head into Christmas. Enjoy.

A meme that only Light Warriors and the awakened would understand.

Finally, a heart-felt meme that summarizes my message today - We are all One. Humanity together.

Keep your Light shining brightly, World Patriots. Humanity needs us now more than ever. Each day we are closer to the final tipping point that will cause a cascade of events to unfold, one after the other. Are we ready? Yep, I think we are.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Concerning covid and the jab. My mom is 91 years young. When her cardiologist was told that she planned on traveling this past summer he tried pushing her to get the vaccine. It reached the point she had to get rude with him because she won't take the vaccine. She finally told him that no one is putting that poisonings body. When it's her time to die nothing will change that. There is a possibility she had covid this fall but no one will ever know. She refused to get tested when she got sick for three weeks. I took care of her at home because when her time comes she wishes to die at home. She refuses tobe one of their statistics. My momis a feisty woman and doesn't believe in all their lies.i love and admire my mom.

    1. Right on! My mom is 96 and feisty too! If she wants to get jabbed she’s going to do it no matter how much some of her kids beg her not to!!

    2. I love hearing these stories. Awesome! Thank you both...

  2. Great collection here Sierra!! Love you all!!

  3. Hello Sierra Much Love and Light to you always beautiful light warrior and truth pusher God Bless you J&V

    Austrian doctors defy law that criminalises the non-vaccinated
    ByKathy Gyngell
    December 24, 2021

  4. Hello Sierra Much Love and Light to you always beautiful light warrior and truth pusher God Bless you & Wishing you a very merry Christmas J&V

    Update Regarding The Criminal Complaint.


  5. Merry Christmas! Love and Light, Sierra!!

  6. Powerful visions at 5:05AM which I interpreted as "SOS" Save Our Souls! I think I know my purpose, seems I have a lot of work to do after Xmas. I am SO excited, this is going to be fun. Stay tuned...

    Peace on Earth & Peace of Mind to ALL!
    Shine On :^)

  7. Greetings and Happy Holy Days to all.

    I'm wondering... Are people with children more control freaks than those like me without? Especially if you had the capacity and/or obligation to work 'for a living'? Which I have not have for a few decades. Hum...

    Now. Many people will enjoy this short read from Peter B. Meyer:

    Just to make it clear, people around the world are waking up to the fact that humanity has been enslaved for eons. But to me, the Great Awakening is where each one of us will remember who we really are. Most LightWorkers are not there yet. And even me knowing I was a Chinese in my previous incarnation with Omraam Aivanhov as a teacher, and that I am a full incarnation of AAMetatron and the commander of a ship, it is all because I was told or my intuitions/research were confirmed via channel, except for the Chinese part where I did see myself in a dream. Nobody confirmed that but when I was young I was attracted by Asians and I had the Asianish look myself until 6. I do not have higher consciousness of it all. And what we are is LOVE and we are everyone else. I did have a XD (not sure if it was 5D or more) experience in 2003 with a man I had seen only 2 times, where Cupid struck me and in an instant I was in love with him and later that day, I was looking at him and it was like through a cloud and when I hugged him it was like I hugged myself and I was blissful. I went to live with him and the whole thing turned into a nightmare because what I had experienced had nothing to do with a 3D relationship and we were not meant to be together. So I expect that that moment where we truly wake up will resemble this experience. The blissful part of it that is (wink).

    Be well and take good care of yourselves, at all levels.


  8. Nice collection, Sierra. Thanks for including me in the healing. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. Hi again, Sierra. I hope you had a joyous Christmas Eve.

    You might enjoy this one, about control. I know I did. From last year but someone posted it on FB and I'm glad they did because we do need many reminders don't we? Yeshua told me a few times years ago I need to be in my heart (to change my reality) but I did not quite understand how I could do that because I had so much stress in my life (long story) and there still is too much to my taste. But I'm sure that from here on it will be easier to access with the heightened energies. It will prep us for what is to come where we will be needed more than ever.

    Be well. Hug.


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