The End of [C]ovid

Two very different forms of protest during the weekend, both equally powerful in their own way.

Firstly, there was a huge rally in Austria to protest against forced jabs.

Secondly, young NZ men performed a stirring haka inside a mall where un-jabbed people are prohibited.

Wow. A NZ newspaper story that admits Omicron 'may signal the end of [C]ovid'. BOOM. Cue a massive wave of jab remorse when the truth descends upon humanity.

Donald Trump Jr quotes the WHO which states there have been ZERO deaths worldwide from Omicron. ZERO.

Our evil PM increased her net wealth by over 3000% increase in just a year. The Anon who posted this message asks a VERY good question...

It is appalling that the MSM steadfastly refuses to acknowledge this horror story from FIFA. Young super-fit men dropping dead in the prime of their life. Wake up, people!

I have always wondered about this issue.

Cowboyw2b at Anonup with a Q drop connection that proves the Alliance is in FULL control of [B]iden. Remember, Pepe the frog is the Q mascot. 


“White House Physician Says Biden Has a “Frog” in His Throat.”


Finally, Cowboyw2b also found an interesting Q link to the Ten Days of Darkness.

If the Government shuts down Friday at midnight, wouldn’t it actually take effect on Monday December 6th?


Interesting times, Light Warrior friends. There is no doubt that the pace is accelerating with the Alliance plan, even though we are seeing little solid evidence - yet. President Trump seems to be poised and ready for action. The Capitol was lit Green for Go a few nights ago. Keep your faith strong. 


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. "Cue a massive wave of jab remorse when the truth descends upon humanity."

    Q a massive wave of DS panic as the virus narrative falls apart!! WINNING!

    And look at this: "The following people are totally exempt from the ‘vaccine’: all US Senators and House Representatives plus all Congressional staff; 6,000 White House employees; all employees of Pfizer (2,500), Moderna (1,500), and Johnson & Johnson (120,000); 15,000 CDC workers; and 14,000 FDA employees."

    SMH 😒

    It's almost over. Then we heal...slowly. Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. The DS panic is well underway, especially with the Maxwell trial hanging over their heads. That list is outright disgusting. The TRUTH will prevail, as we know, Jan. Love and Light to you, my friend.

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    1. Thanks my friend - your feedback is much appreciated...!!

  3. Awesome info Thank you & God Bless you Always Sierra Beautiful light warrior truth pusher

    Because we all deserve a good hearty laugh some gems courtesy Catturd ™@catturd2 here regards J&V

    NAUTPOSO Flag of IrelandRocket @NautPoso
    'Build Back Better' plan be like...

    Cuomo brother employment 100% unemployed
    Bye Felicia...

    Santa its for the Reindeer

    Gareth Icke Flag of Palestinian Territories @garethicke
    Good luck to the @ickonic team for the premiere of 'A good death' at
    @cinemacoswansea tonight.

    Ickonic @ickonic
    Ickonic's long anticipated look into euthanasia in the care industry, A Good Death? Premieres at 7pm tonight on

    We look at the heart-breaking stories of those put on end of life pathways unnecessarily and ask the questions mainstream media won't.

    1. Thank you, my friend for the list of links, including Cat Turd who does great stuff. Thank goodness for a good laugh! And I thank you for the more serious links about a subject that needs to be exposed to the Light. Love and Light to you.

  4. OMICRON Scariant – PROOF Viruses Do Not Exist – And Neither Does Omicron (Or Is It Moronic?) This Is Obscene!! – DR. Andrew Kaufman
    Why can't people see what is right in front of their eyes? Because we're trained to disregard.

    Pretty much the same bag of tricks they've been pulling all along. Just slapped a new name on it and flipped former negative PCR results into positives.

    They should probably prove the existence of a first virus before pretending they've found variations on bullshit.

    Even people who know that this is a takeover still believe there's a virus. What the FUCK!? How the hell? Don't you realize that YOU (the ones who believe in viruses) are perpetuating THEIR narrative?!

    It's much easier to understand all of this by getting at the root. And the root is -- not just that there is no COVID-19 virus (in the biological sense) -- it's that there are NO VIRUSES.

    But the average human ego will not allow this to be true. -- DON'T BE AVERAGE!

    Don't discredit this information unless you've truly explored it with an open mind. Subject: exosomes, extracellular vesicles. If you take the time you'll realize that you're much stronger than you think you are.

    Another good, recent video on the subject:

    full video source:

    1. Dr Kaufman's REAL science is excellent. All the TRUTH will stand the test of time. We just need to be patient. The narrative will flip and people who previously snoozed through their 3D lives will be desperate to know what is really happening. We will be there for them. Love and Light to you.

  5. The Media won't like this - A COVID TRUTH TELLER
    SHARE this far and wide

    Catherine Austin Fitts on the Central Bank’s “Going Direct” Financial Reset

    “It is what I would describe as the real reset behind what the World Economic Forum describes as ‘The Great Reset’, which is the marketing plan for the [central bankers].”

    Full presentation:

    Shareable clips:

    Catherine Austin Fitts on Financial Reset

    1. Thanks for the reminder about Robert Horton and Catherine Austin Fitts - both great Light Warriors. Love and Light to you.

  6. Dr. Zelenko exposes how BARDA’s Dr. Rick Bright blocked the WH’s order to “flood NY and NJ with treatment courses”

    Its called 'projection' ...
    Laurence Fox ✝️@LozzaFox
    They are the exact thing they accuse you of.

  7. Thank for sharing - Love and Light to you. Knowledge/information is Light.

  8. Thanks for all the links! I'm really happy to see the short article saying that viruses do not exist.
    I've told a few people that this whole thing is a hoax. They were not ready to hear the truth, so it went in one ear and out the other. My extensive medical background apparently meant nothing to them. It's their old 3D programming that has them locked down. They will learn the truth some day.
    I remember a quote that I read in a book years ago: "It's easier to believe a lie told a thousand times than the truth told once." Love and Light. . . . . . DD


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