The World Is Waking Up

An excellent little video montage of the global protests during November. The world is WAKING UP.

A Queensland restaurant owner shows that it is the [D]eep [S]tate minions that are the problem now.

Pepe Lives Matter gives a valuable update on the current situation with the Alliance Plan. 

Maxwell and Epstein in the news cycle.
Assange back on center screen.
Omicron threatening natural immunity.
Trump moving key players into social media.
The financial system teetering.
The masses taking red pill after red pill.
The Matrix is breaking.
It sure seems like we're heading into end game scenarios.
Hold the line Patriots.
We've come this far and we're not going back.
There is no going back.

This post shows how sleeping humanity was gradually duped into submission.

Finally, a new acronym that we Light Warriors can relate to. Love it.

I have been talking about the need for extreme self-care with several Light Warrior friends. Many of us are exhausted to the point of being overwhelmed. It is wise to step back from the battle every so often and recharge your batteries. Take more micro-breaks by stepping outdoors and breathing fresh air, feeling the sun on your face. Nature is the ideal antidote to stress and weariness.

This post is short today - very little intel because it's the weekend, and also - there is very little intel at present! It's a good sign. There is usually plenty happening behind the scenes when the exterior is quiet.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Queen Romana of Canada sure has alot to say on telegram ..
    Watch the water.. defcon definitions .. ebs coming
    Keep phones charged .. we shall see. I have read similar many times since election here was stolen over a year ago now so I am cautiously optimistic .. Doug

    1. I think it's good advice at any time now, Doug. We know it's only a matter of timing - GOOD things are coming for humanity very soon!

  2. I've felt the JOMO for some time now...I realized over a year ago that I enjoy my own company best. Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. As many of our freedoms are taken away here in NZ, it is very easy to enjoy JOMO at home. Love and Light to you, Jan!

  3. OMICRON: Further Positioning and Evidencing Omicron Within a Perpetual Construct of Enterprise Fraud


  4. Sidney Powell Documentary: Doctor's Orders! By Defending The Republic PLUS! The Ivermectin Story! December 11, 2021
    What if we've had the answer this whole time?
    Doctor's Orders
    A documentary by

    1. Thanks for sharing this link, much appreciated!

  5. It's great to see that Q lives rent free in their heads. lol And very happy for JOMO.

    1. I agree about Q - the thorn in their side, very cool!


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